Monday, June 28, 2010

Leaf Challenged Orange Tree

Look how many leaves my little tree has now! It's been out on the stoop in the rain and sun and all kinds of leaves are popping out. Now, we need to make a flower and some oranges. I'm a real task master, huh?

I left for work this morning and it was cold and pouring down rain. Then it was drizzling. Then, from one moment to the next the whole temperature changed from cool to steaming hot and humid. Thank goodness the sun was only out for a few minutes. THAT would have been horrible. Like hell. I kept taking layers off and finally added bug spray. Summer.

The roofers were supposed to begin working on my house this morning. Not happening due to all the rain. Riley split one of his nails horizontally and spent most of Sunday licking his paw.
Never napped or anything so he was very, very tired. We finally gave him a Rimadyl pain pill and he fell asleep. Slept until this morning. I took him to our Vet and now Riley has more Rimadyl and will be pain free until the nail breaks off. The Vet offered to sedate Riley and pull the nail off. We decided not to do that.

Much discussion today @ work regarding asking for a pay raise. We don't get performance reviews or annual raises. We don't get anything at all. A co-worker mentioned she didn't want to ask and take the chance of not getting a raise. Because then she would have negative feelings about her employment and that wouldn't be good. Have any of you been in a situation like this? What have you done?

The high school loader boys get 25 cents less than I get per hour. They don't know the answer to any questions and can't make a window box look wonderful with a budget of $20. They can lift 50 to 100 pound bags, dig holes for trees and carry purchases out to people's cars. They also get tips. I think I am the only greenhouse employee repotting plants who has NOT gotten a tip. And they get "folding" money. Not that I want a tip, but really, wouldn't you tip the person doing the most professional job? Or do you tip the college age guy who is really trying hard to not mess up? Perhaps, I should act nervous?

My horoscope says I should "clear away self-limiting assumptions I have made about my life" and move forward. All well and good if I had any idea what these assumptions are. You have been reading for years now--what are my self limiting assumptions?

This post is turning out to be an essay exam isn't it. Well, sharpen your pencils and get started with the answers.

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Diane N said...

What sign are you and which horoscope are you reading?