Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Raining

Book Sale set up today and the rain is a good thing. Means I am not feeling like I would rather be in the garden at home or at work. I'm not feeling the love this year. I may snap out of it once I see all the boxes full of books. Or not. I wish I had the crew from work coming in to do set up-- wowza, that would be something. Those gals and guys know how to get things done, fast. And then they party.

I have my Book Sale bag. My box cutter. My work gloves. A pen. Paper. Debating on whether I want to make coffee. Had the last of the soy milk with shredded wheat for breakfast. Supper last night was a sleeve of saltines (plain, with butter or with cheese) and a cup of coffee. Just took a big orange pill. Riley needs to be cross town at day care in the next little bit so I can be back on this side of town by 7.30/7.45. No time to make coffee.

My arm is looking kinda normal this morning. Skin isn't swollen or hot so perhaps the big fight between the insect bite and my white cells is over. I'm taking bug spray to the book sale as bug like rainy weather. I will be SO dirty by lunchtime.

I don't like working with the guy running the sale. Oil and water. He dithers and thinks everyone will do a good job and just "hopes" it all gets done. I kick butt.

And now I'm home again. 5 pm. No lunch but the "guy" bought me a coffee. It's done. It looks great. Less books but more in some sections which Haven't had this much in years--kind of threw me for a loop around 9 am.

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