Thursday, June 03, 2010

ColdRain: It Must Be June in Maine

Yes, dear readers, we are having cold rain every day (June 1, 2 & 3). Deja Vu all over again. Last year this lasted until July. Making the garden a mess. Already slugs have taken up residence on the deck boards. The weather report visuals show a sun peaking out between the clouds. Not yesterday. No rain until night but the skies were grey all day long. Today, daytime rain. And I must go to work.

I have dressed for the weather in my "quick dry" long hiking pants, double shirts (one long sleeved and one company tee), socks. I will also layer on the zip front company sweatshirt. It really doesn't matter. Customers ask me, no matter what I wear, no matter how many logos and green clothes, "do you work here?" I can understand the confusion on days when landscapers outnumber customers. They are dirty and muddy and look just like the employees. But on regular days, I look just like an employee. I'm even "working" i.e. watering, carrying trays of plants, resetting tables of plants, repotting things. Still, they ask.

I am wondering about my lunch choices for today. Warm? Cold? Yesterday I made mushroom pasta and my daughter came over for a few minutes and had the small portion that would have been a lunch serving. So, not that. Still some lasagna. And the condition of that is "iffy". I made that a long time ago, right? Pizza? I don't have any soup in the freezer. I do have red beans. And bread and cheese. Tonight I am putting 7 pounds of pork in the crock pot for pulled pork. Let it cook overnight. Rain is pounding down on the roof right now.

G is having a CAT scan today. He had about a quart of blood taken Tuesday for a long list of tests. Still no idea of what they are looking at or why. But it's not being treated as an emergency. We are still in "want to take a closer look" mode. He is still coughing. So whatever it is, it's still bothering him enough to make him cough, just not as often. So the new allergy meds could be helping.

My horoscope recommends "just showing up and doing the work" at work. Make decisions on some other date. And that sums up my state of employment pretty well. In general, everyone is morose. Not the jolly crew of past years. I think it's because there are less skilled employees and more unskilled "loader/boy/sweepers". Yesterday there were three of us who could answer a plant question. Spread a bit too thin. I never get work done because I am running from one question to the next. I DID manage to get the 24 geraniums into their clay pots yesterday morning for the wedding delivery. Today, I will spend an hour or two cleaning the pots and the leaves of any dirt. Making everything look "perfect" with the soft brush I remembered to bring to work yesterday and hope has not been used to do something dirty this morning.

I have plants to be delivered to a new facility. And an orchid ordered for a meditative garden. And perennials ordered. If it stops raining I will go out and deadhead the blooming perennials.

I had wanted to plant things in my own garden this morning. And yesterday. That didn't happen. I am way behind and my plants are losing quality. Oh, well. Planting into wet dirt is never a good idea. I'm going to check on the lasagna.

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