Thursday, June 17, 2010

Working With Purple & a Work Of Art Review

And not having all that much fun. This is a color that does not exist in my fabric collection. I had to ask a reader to send scraps from her wastebasket. I'm liking the little pieced bit in the lower center but that work belongs to Dee and not me. I even ventured into the attic storage boxes belonging to my friend. She had some purples. Dreary stuff. Give me orange, lime and magenta and I can be happy. Purple. Not so much. Edited: I know it's very bad. That's why I showed it as we artists do have bad days and very bad work.

It is raining. Cold. And Saturday and Sunday will be sunny and 85. Today is the day G needs to install the portable AC. Unpleasant. He should have done it weeks ago before the mosquitos. And because there will be an open space where the window unit goes (during installation) --the house will have mosquitos and they will find me.

All the things I wanted to do today, can be done in the cold rain, but I'm not all that interested in being wet and cold today. I have been cold for most of the "summer" so far. I wouldn't say I am eating a low fat diet but this is what happens to me when I don't eat fats. I get cold. I need to go find some wool socks. Be right back. I have noticed, and this was a surprise, that my tummy is flatter. The Greek yogurt, eaten every day, is supposed to lessen belly fat and it seems to have happened. I am stupified as I have had belly flab since I turned 10. No matter what I weighed. I just wish there was a food to eat that removed the hip saddlebags.

I happened to watch the "Work of Art" show on Bravo. The artists were supposed to create a piece that spoke of their individual "vision" using at least one of the discarded electric items. As usual, they loaded big orange carts with heaps of things and used very little. One woman collected a huge heap of very interesting wire and cords and made ....... nothing. This woman is 61 and one oar short. Giving a bad rep to women of my age group. I could (would) have made a very interesting woven piece with that cord and wire.

The guy who was voted off last night was bizarre. He sat doing nothing for most of the 18 hours they had to do the work. He had one drawing in his journal that he seemed to enjoy looking at. And he liked touching the left front side of his hair. He expressed his opinion that he was famous and very talented. The winner was the guy who won last week. Miles loves the free art supplies and food, things he doesn't have access to often in his real life. The other artists, and really, I should use quotes around that word, "artists", were amazed that Miles knew how to make a silk screened image of a circuit board. Perhaps, he's been to SCHOOL. Or knows how to READ. An ART BOOK. I often wonder about the category "performance artists". And now there is a new category, "installation artists". I wish they had a hip hop graffitti spray painter.

One "painter" does Paint by Numbers work like Neil Welliver. It's all she knows how to do. And she wears very trendy and expensive clothing. And stays very clean. She and the 61 year old fruitcake could have been voted off last night. The bizarre guy with the hair touching thing could have stayed -- he was amusing.

I often think it would be more interesting to give each participant the EXACT SAME items and then see what they do within those limits. Like "Chopped". Sort of what 12 by 12 does.


Diane N said...

Looking at the purple piece that begins today's blog, I have to say I would never think that you had made this given the art you have shared with us in the past.

Maybe you should find some wire and do something interesting as you have writen and spray it purple in places???

Hope you stay relatively mosquito free during the AC installation.

Deborah Boschert said...

Love the "Chopped" idea. That could be very interesting. I'm not loving Work of Art. But I'll keep watching. The concrete butts were too much for me. Ug.

dee said...

Wish it was working better for you. Hope you can work it out in another way. The Chopped idea is great. Then you could see who can think on their feet, and fast. People sometimes get on this type of program and become a totally different person in front of the camera. They can't tune it out and function. Sad really.
I will try to catch up with the art show. I think you can watch episodes on-line at Bravo.
Cursed mosquitos