Sunday, June 27, 2010

Why Are We Awake So Early?

There was nothing to watch on television last evening, we had eaten, showered and looked at the computer. So G suggested calling it a day at 9.45. When you do that, the dog wakes up at 5.45 and wants to go out, eat breakfast and then go back out to sit on the wet stoop and hope a squirrel or bird comes close enough for a good game of "run really fast". That leaves me sitting here in a daze. I am not EVER up at this time. And certainly never drinking coffee.

I have been surfing the internet for about 90 minutes and it is unusually boring. None of my favorites have posted--they are obviously "having summer" and not just working all the time like I am. Friday was interesting at work. Saturday was not. The gardening season is definitely rolling to a close. Now we are entertaining the people "with nothing else to do".

My roof shingles have been delivered. Anytime now the crew will appear and start banging, thumping and tearing the old roof off and putting the new one on. Thursday morning (up early again) my cross the street neighbor was mentioning how much she liked the look of my roof (!) and the way the shingles looked. I said they were "architectural shingles". Hers are flat. Mine have a raised "definition". Mine are much more expensive. The delivery guy said the new shingles have a 30 year warranty but should last up to 45. The ones on the roof right now made it to 26 years. And I think most of the damage to the shingles was done by my husband. He walked/climbed up on the the roof without putting down any protective surface and broke shingles etc. There is noticeable damage everywhere he went over the 20 years we have lived here. And we have algae. The new shingles have algae "guard". We won't ever need to do this again, unless we live to be 100 and are still able to live here unassisted. Our children will be nearly 80 years old by then. Not much help.

I have two things to do today. A bank/inheritance matter for my daughter and cleaning the floors. I like bare feet in the summer and the floors are not in bare feet condition.

Three things. I should change to the summer white duck slipcovers on the sofas. Which will involve much furniture moving, dusting, vacuuming etc. Then more laundry. Hell, why not.

G wants to carry the new grill down from the attic. We carried it up there a few years ago after he bought it and I didn't think we needed a new grill (we had just bought new heating things for the old grill). So, it was not a happy time. And I doubt that carrying the grill down stairs and assembling it will be a happy time. But it's rainy and the grass isn't going to get mowed and the weed whacking isn't going to get done and the clover isn't going to get removed from the remaining perennial bed. And I am going to be doing floors and slipcovers. And I am going to be very tired and cranky from being awake since 5.45. And I work tomorrow and the next day.

The native strawberries are red but they are very sour. The little wild ones were very tasty. Oh, well. I had wanted strawberry shortcake.

I'm going to see if I have enough flour to make biscuits for breakfast and then see if I still have buttermilk. The pantry is getting down to the nub as they say. Hope the sun is shining at your house.


Diane N said...

Regarding men and grills, you can be right or you can have peace. I think there's some leftover cave man gene that is always looking for a new, better and more expensive way to cook outside over fire. Grunt, grunt...

Dianna in Maui said...

Your photo is wonderful. I love the angle of the deck and just seeing Riley's tail. I'm no educated artist, but I think you have a great composition there.

Nuri Rossignol said...

Do you have some photos of your new roof shingles? My friend's currently renovating his house (particularly his roof and siding), and it will be a great help if I can show your new roof to him. =)