Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

The sun is finally shining. I have the day off. I have on real clothes and not work clothes (for now). I am going out for breakfast and a good long conversation with N. The only speck in my good day is the 2 pounds I have gained since the last time I weighed myself. Bread. Big Sky Granola. French Fries. Ice Cream. The Usual Suspects. Oh, and let's not forget Saturday's donuts. Two Pounds. I'll think about it tomorrow.

I purchased three big bales of peat moss for the garden. My soil is feeling too sandy and isn't holding water when it rains. One of the sandy beds has tomatoes in it and they already look sad. I also bought some astilbe for the front garden bed. And will transplant some Hosta there from under the weeping crab, where it is slowly dying.

I plan to harvest all the bolted wild rocket from the garden and wash, dry and saute it with garlic, olive oil and onion. I read in a garden blog that you can do that with the bitter bolted lettuces and be able to eat them rather than compost them. I'll be serving the bolted greens with Parmesan crisp chicken. Two actual dinners in a row. Woo Woo. We had Jamie Oliver's wild mushroom pasta last night.

Once the rocket is history, I will plant the Brussels sprout starts in that section of the garden. I bought tiny red Swiss chard starts at Moose Crossing on Sunday along with spinach and kale seedlings. G can get seed to sprout but I don't do as well with the tiny stuff. The chard is in but the kale needs to get into the ground today. I think the spinach will go over to the daughter's garden along with the two sweet red peppers.

N will be here any moment so I need to find my keys and purse and make a last visit to the restroom before she picks me up.

Update @ 2pm: It's not only sunny, it's very hot. N & I had a good breakfast (pancakes and eggs) and an even better conversation. Her 2.75 year old grandson had a wonderful time at "gardening camp" and has two pumpkin seedlings to plant with his grandfather. Riley had lunch and a walk and is panting and overheated. I hope he is resting on one of the cold tile floors. It's WAY TOO HOT to start gardening. And TOO HOT for seedlings to be transplanted.
So I have three choices: read, groceries, fabric. I think a quick stop for cherries (on sale), G's yogurt and a vegetable for dinner sounds about right. I can make more decisions when I get back home.


Annie said...

Oooh, love that bright yellow flower. Sure hope we can get in a nice bright sunny day to match it.

Enjoy your day off.

: )

dee said...

I hope your weather cools off soon. That's no way for Maine to be. We are still having a Pacific northwest season here. I don't mind the cooler temps but a little consistency would be nice. It's 80 then 55 and so on. Damp & cool and damp and hot- Weather whiplash. Plus, we have a very buggy summer ahead. I'm hoping our bats have multiplied so the mosquito population is kept down. I love watching our bats at sunset.