Saturday, June 12, 2010

Passion Flower

I remembered my camera today. The Passion Flower wasn't fully "open" so the stamen or pistel isn't completely extended. I will try and get another picture on Monday as several flowers are preparing to open on the plant. I have a Passion Flower that I made in fabric for one of the Twelve by Twelve challenges. I wanted to see a real flower before I called my fabric collage finished. I can already see some room for improvement in my work. Isn't this an amazing botanical example? Always best to work from a live model.

I have been trying to think of something interesting to do with the next Colorplay challenge (purple and yellow). So far, blech. I just need to sift through the fabric pieces and discover an exciting blend, something that will get me interested. Or draw some shapes. I had planned to do a vase and flowers for each Colorplay but veered off course with the volcano colors. I need to simplify. Work in a series. Right now I'm all over the place.

Back to working on Saturday and I realize that I love working on Saturday. There's a sort of caffeine buzz all day long as people shop, ask questions and generally make the work place "busy". Sunday is one long snooze. And we had donuts. Perhaps it was the donuts that made me so very happy? Half a chocolate and half a glazed. The college and high school boys ate all the rest, I think.

My daughter went to the college "dump & run" today and I had mentioned a few items I was interested in (a down vest for winter work and an adjustable desk lamp). She found both. The vest is perfect and FITS! and it's GREEN! The lamp is black, works and can take a three way bulb. It will be excellent on my quilting worktable. The one I had been using broke and we can't fix it (27 years old - purchased in Germany in 1982 or 83 for the children's desks).

G has just returned from the Chinese restaurant where he and Riley went to get take out. It smells very good and I am hungry so I will bid you adieu until the morrow.

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mathea said...

Lucky you! Your own personal shopper, and she even gets you just what you asked for :-)

I love the photo of the passion flower, and you know what? It has both yellow and purple in it - just thought I'd mention it...