Monday, June 21, 2010

Mary Rose

My David Austen Roses are in bloom. The Japanese Beetles aren't eating them, yet. All's well in my world on this first day of summer. Almost.

I was bitten on my right arm, by something, outdoors. And my arm was swollen, red, hot to the touch and itchy this morning. And the swelling became more and more pronounced and the skin filled with liquid and became "hard". By 12 noon, the cashiers had decided I needed to take Benadryl --2 tablets, and see if that helped. They also had me rest my arm on a bottle of frozen lemonade. I think the frozen bottle did help along with the drugs. I don't remember. I felt dizzy. And it was so damned hot at work and the sun was so hot outside. But I couldn't go home--as driving like that, "under the influence" isn't a good thing. So, I stayed at work and tried not to be too silly. By the time I got home, the swelling had gone done by 20%. My arm still itches but I can press on the skin and feel the bones under the skin. The skin around my elbow is red and rash like. G thinks it is a horse or deer fly bite. And I am allergic to whatever it is.

I had to stop at Wally World to pick up my pain pill prescription and buy a lemon after work so I could prepare lamb chops marinated in garlic, olive oil, rosemary and lemon juice for G. Wally World also had fresh asparagus so I bought a bunch to roast with olive oil and salt and pepper (425 for 25 minutes). I made wild and white rice for his starch. I had some of the curried squash rice I made (still too hot) some asparagus and a few chunks of granola. Still under the influence.

Now I am going to go fall asleep in front of the television. Working again tomorrow.


dee said...

Wow! I know you have trouble with bites but 2 Benadryl? Hope the arm is better today. That's miserable especially for someone who so clearly loves the outdoors.
One Benadryl for a skin problem I have puts me out for 8 hours. I'm in awe.

Diane N said...

It's possible it was a deer fly or horse fly but it sounds like the same reaction I get from spider bites. I do hope you're feeling better soon. Those bites can really be sore and uncomfortable.

Life Scraps and Patches said...

I hope that (1) you're feeling better, and (2) you don't get bit by that mysterious thing again.