Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday Morning

Starting the day a bit rough. Back hurts which makes me feel sick to my stomach. I'm remembering the kidney thing and I know I didn't drink enough liquids yesterday and ate salty things. This is the result. I'll be making a large jar of water to drink during the day. I also am faced with making choices of just how much I can accomplish today. Weeds. Bills. Laundry. Garden. I feel I am pushing myself too hard. Trying too hard to be Super Joanne. And summer heat beats me down. I am a cold weather person. Heat drains me. All I want to do is recline somewhere cool and shady and drift off to dream land.

I also began the day with such lovely blog comments. Really. I was most interested in Diane's feeling that some change is coming like a storm. Do you think the combo of 911, the bank crisis, and now an oil disaster that will take 10, 20, 30 years or more to even begin to fix has made us feel less secure, less happy go lucky. America has been rather "happy go lucky" for a long, long time. Minus the Civil War, civil rights and Kennedy's death. Oh, and the Beatles.
The long hair which led to drugs and hippies.

The Book Sale is this week and I am having back pain. G says he thinks it's psychological. I don't want to do the book sale anymore and my body is manifesting back pain so I have a way to "stop". I do like emptying the boxes of cookbooks, gardening and how to. Those are subjects that I like. And now that I have had two big cups of coffee, the pain is gone. I am hydrated.

The daughter just called to see what we are doing today. Father's Day and she is invited to spend it with the boyfriend, his two boys, and his parents. I told her the truth. G doesn't even know it's Father's Day. He'll be okay with not spending the day with her. And, if I give him permission to bring the brand new grill down from the attic (where it's been for two or three years) he will be so very happy that he won't care where she is spending the day. And he may even load our old grill on the truck and take it to her house so she can grill with the boyfriend and his boys. And G will be having lamb chops for dinner. It's all good.

I need to get started on my list of tasks for today. I've spent 2 hours doing nothing much. I guess that's enough "relaxing" for me right now.


Diane N said...

I wish I lived near you. I would drive you to the book sale, fight you for the gardening and cookbooks, and then help you load all your stuff into my truck. (Yes, we will need a truck if I am going to a book sale.)

Seriously, and not to nag, it's especially important to stay very hydrated in this miserably hot, humid weather.

Whether or not you accomplish your list of chores, take good care of yourself and take it easy on yourself, both physically and otherwise. I am a cold weather person, too, and sometimes summer can be a real bitch.

And yes, I do think a storm is rising and in more ways than one.

paula, the quilter said...

Joanne, I read your blog every day and check back often if you haven't posted in the morning. Your state is very different than mine, and I have an insatiable curiosity about how other live. Don't overdo. Everything will still be there tomorrow or next week. I have a very laize faire attitude, I know.