Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tax Day (Day 103 of 2010)

Here is the newest example of my "test pilot" work for my on line class. I used a plastic bag from Target and ran it through the copier on different % settings. I like this piece and may copy it again and play around with coloring different sections.

Yesterday, I finally had time to Google some questions that customers have been asking. What kind of flowers do bees like? What soil additives can a vegan organic gardener add to new garden soils? What happened to my African Violet to make the leaves curl and get brittle? (Caladium mites) I still have one question. Identifying a plant that has characteristics similar to bleeding heart but a trumpet shaped bloom (not a heart). I also looked up Mason bees and wrote out the instructions for a Mason bee egg laying frame. I would like to attract Mason bees to my garden this year.

An odd thing has started to occur at work. Customers are coming to find me and asking about things outside my territory. Trees and shrubs. I sold a redbud (after discussing micro climates) and a contorted hazelnut yesterday and discussed non hybrid tomato seeds with a customer. I also went over the recipe for making moss (moss, dirt and any sour liquid, whey from yogurt or buttermilk) It made my day interesting but kept me away from the greenhouse. I can sense some irritation in the ranks, even though I left the actual "sale" to nursery employees. I think I would do well outside with the big ticket items. Hard to make a $100 sale with $3.99 pansy flats. Hard, but I do it often enough to cover my weekly paycheck. I like to sell as much as they pay me.

Today I am going into town to visit the post office and mail my federal and state tax returns and then visit the town office to pay the April segment of my property taxes. Then to the grocery store to buy groceries. I had enough things in the fridge to get Mexican casserole made for dinner last night after a full day at work (7.30 to 4.30). I did not get my shower until just before climbing into bed as there was Dancing With The Stars to contend with. G is out of his butter product and yogurt. I need more cereal, soy milk and Romaine for my daily salads. I need another bottle of Balsamic vinegar. I should also visit a store to buy a new insulated coffee mug. The one I have doesn't keep the coffee hot.

Just thinking about cooking chicken, pork or ground beef is making me so BORED. I think I promised a crock pot of pulled pork for dinner with my daughter and Mr L this Saturday so I need to remember to buy a huge chunk of Boston Butt. I promised to serve the pork with a choice of mixed green salad, noodles or Kaiser rolls. Perhaps some baked French fries. Mr L eats a very healthy diet, exercises and does yoga and is only 10 pounds off his high school weight. !!!!!

I am in the midst of reading my last Wallander book. It's about Africa. I left it to last because there isn't much about Sweden or Wallander so far and that's what I like best. I think Wallander may be making an appearance soon as the Russian has shot and killed a Swedish policeman. I know how this book ends, as Wallander goes on extended leave after killing a man in a fog covered field. I just don't know which man. The Russian or the African assassin. I am sad that this is the last book to read. There is a tenth book, but it hasn't been translated yet as it was written in 2009. I have to find a new author. A new addiction.

I have been asked to submit work to a jury for inclusion in a gallery. They have asked 10 or 15 people to jury for one or possibly two spots. This is a summer gallery with sales hours worked by the participants. My friend was in this gallery for many years, before moving away, selling fiber art. They would like to have fiber art again. B and I have vastly different ways of doing work. But I will submit three pieces.

I have been asked by readers to sell the work I show on this blog. Let me just say: If you see something you would like to own--just email me. I think the need for cash is what motivates other fiber artists to advertise work. That and the need for name recognition (fame). As I have said, neither of these things interests me. But, I will and do sell my work. I just don't work at it. If my life and need for shelter and groceries depended on ART, I would be in deep trouble. I can't make what sells. I can only make what I want to make. So, if you see something you want and like, ask me for it.

Now, cereal. We had a freeze last night and even though the sun is out, it is COLD. I wonder if the clematis that was delivered late yesterday afternoon survived overnight? Outside. It had very little root. And dry soil.

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