Monday, April 19, 2010

Seven Hundred Seventy One

The number of posts I have created in the years I have been "blogging", which is just "writing" with a better transmission apparatus. My picture today is of the new leaves on my challenged dwarf orange. Remember it lost all it's leaves while in the hands of a customer on Valentine's Day? A real massacre. Now, it is reinventing itself with fresh new leaves.

I did something incredibly stupid today. I had my big orange pain pill out on the counter at 7 this morning while I made cereal, chopped lettuce for my salad and pushed the start button for coffee. Then, when it was time to take the pill, I couldn't find my pill. I searched the floor, under the cups and cereal bowl. So, I thought the dog had eaten it and took another orange pill from the bottle and swallowed it. At some point in the morning, I realized, by the swimmy way I felt, that I must have taken the first pill and forgotten that I had. Somehow. So, I had a double dose. And it hit me at lunchtime. And by the time I drove home at 4, I had to concentrate really hard on paying attention to my driving. Got home just fine. Dug around in the garden with the dog (who was showing no sign of having any kind of pill) until G got home and then I took a long and very hot shower. Normally, the one pill does nothing but make the pain in my back or hip go away. I don't notice any side effects. Two pills. Equals 10 or more Aleve.

I told my coworkers what I had done, told them I had the name of the drug and the dosage on a paper in my left pocket in case a call to 911 was necessary. And then I went about the business of working a full day in the greenhouse. Started by sweeping the greenhouse floor.

My Forget Me Nots are in bloom and a great many deep purple violas have returned (in odd places). The daffodils are still in great shape due to cooler temps at night. The tulips aren't very tall yet. My rose bushes have 2 inch long bud shoots. The deer haven't come to prune them yet. I'm going to dig up my struggling Graham Thomas yellow rose and move it into the vegetable garden in a raised bed. I have decided I like the rose much more than any vegetable I can grow.

G wants pasta for dinner so I need to chop up an onion and saute it with garlic and red pepper flakes. DWTS tonight and hope springs eternal that THIS is the night Kate goes home. I suspect the "fix" is in and the producers will ignore her "actual" results and keep her on for a few more weeks for the publicity of E, People magazine and those other "faux news" venues.
She's an empty bag of air.


Diane N said...

Regarding Kate on DWTS tonight. Was that the worst dress ever made or what??? The dance was horrendous and the rehearsal time they showed was equally horrendous. I'm surprised Tony doesn't drop kick her out of the studio. If she doesn't go home tomorrow night, you may be right about the fix being in.

Annie said...

I definitely agree on a "fix" on DWTS.

No reality tv is real, all written, and directed in some way.

Yikes, Joann on the med mishap, glad everything was ok. I know I've taken meds then couldn't remember if I had, easy to do.