Thursday, April 15, 2010

Actual TAX DAY

After only two eight hour days, watering plants, hauling hose, bending, walking, working, I am completely exhausted. I have taken pain pills already this morning for my back. And it's only 8.30. I am wondering if I will be able to do this job for the entire season. We had some REAL excitement at work yesterday. A major power outage hours BEFORE lunch. How to heat our lunches? See. Lunch is THE highpoint of the day. Is it time for lunch yet? That's the most asked question. After lunch we just drag around waiting to go home. I usually try and eat late so I have less drag around time, but yesterday I was so hungry I ate at 12. And the power came back on. I had salad so it didn't matter. But there was unrestrained JOY amongst my coworkers as they nuked their Lean Cuisine.

I did go to the grocery and buy food but still haven't made a meal. I do have lettuce and carrots for my lunches. We had canned baked beans (doctored up with ketchup, mustard and brown sugar) with grilled cheese sandwiches and home canned zucchini pickles last night. And then I crawled to the couch and was assaulted by muscle cramps (hamstring) and bone aches. I need to drink more liquids and eat more protein. I had asked G to buy and carry home some grilled McD's chicken (cold in the fridge) to take to work with my salads for lunch. He forgot.

Riley put his tennis ball toy back into his toybox twice in a row this morning and I thought we were on our way to a new learned behaviour. He stopped at twice. It would be nice to have the time to train him to recognize his toys by name and to put them in the toybox after he's played with them. For treats, of course. Riley now weighs 82 pounds. All muscle. The long walks, off leash, have built up additional muscle. He was running through snow most of the winter and is now running through chest high water. G is looking for a place to take him swimming in the ocean. Perhaps the new boat ramp a few miles down the road.

I am now teaching two new (to me) classes on Saturday (three days notice!) my day off. Roses and Decorative Bark. The Rose class should be okay, once I get my handouts prepped and copied. Bark? Really, once you give people a list of trees and shrubs with interesting bark---what is there to say? A slide show would be appropriate. I have a delightful list in one of the few gardening books I chose to keep when I cleaned out my book cases. I will be copying it this evening. I work until 6 tonight (6.30 by the time we cash out so there will be time to copy things). And Survivor and Fringe are on tonight. Will I be able to stay awake? What will we eat for dinner?

I reworked some of the text samples I made last week and posted them on my online class site. I want to feel like I'm participating. I still haven't graduated to Lesson Two.

I'm going to eat breakfast. These horse sized pain pills make me loopy.

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dee said...

I like this piece very much.

Hope your back pain goes away soon.