Sunday, May 20, 2012

Well, The Week Is Finally Over

It's been hot the last few days.  Nice.  But my skin feels dry and sort of crispy.  Yes, I used sunscreen. Lunch has been delayed till one or two o'clock and by then I feel drained and exhausted.  While I enjoy the breakfast ease of a microwaved bowl of oatmeal with a heaping spoon of ground flax; the bowl isn't doing the "stay full till two" job as well as the eggs.

Yesterday I worked in the garden all day.  So, four straight days at work, then a full day in my own garden (weeding, digging, planting), and then a full day at work.  I am exhausted. tomorrow, I have shirts to iron, the dog to walk and more garden work.  I really do want my peas to be planted.  I even bought plants for a hanging basket for my own porch.  Purple ivy geraniums.  Yummy.

Because we have gone out to dinner two nights in a row, I am cooking dinner tonight.  Well, I am cooking meat.  I have no idea what the starch or vegetable will be.  I seem to only have meat in the freezer.  Oh, honestly, I have pork, rhubarb, some ground beef, coffee beans and a bunch of bagels. Not the basis of a good household.  I am sure there is a delightful recipe on the internet for pork with rhubarb sauce but I live with a guy who wouldn't eat it.

The pork I am making will be Carnitas some time tonight.  Simmered in water and then crisped in it's own fat after all the water has evaporated.  I have a few tortillas, some red onion and thin sliced cabbage.  It sounds okay to me.

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