Saturday, May 12, 2012

Oh, Deer

Riley and are are just back from a very sad walk.  Close to the back of our house, about a quarter mile into the woods, Riley scared up a young deer.  She never ran.  Exhausted and with a bad rear leg.  Either broken or damaged.  She had made herself a cozy bed in the leaves near a puddle of water. There is plenty of vegetation to eat.

There are also coyotes and fishers.  Small dogs and any free running cats have gone missing in the woods (commons) behind our house.  I often wondered why we never see evidence of death out there.

Well, today, I saw an exhausted young animal facing her worst fears.  A barking dog, advancing closer and closer and she had run out of the will to move any more.  I got to within five feet of her, trying to leash Riley and get him away.  I pulled him away, back on the path.  But he was anxious to get back around the loop and back to his prey.  She was gone.  G will deal with Riley out there tomorrow.  He will continue to hunt, but never attack.  I think he wanted her to play.

She lost her precious bed and nearby drinking water.  Life can be so sad.  These wild animals have so little comfort when they are hurt or broken.  Water, a bed and a few hours of sleep before it gets dark and death waits to hunt her.

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