Saturday, May 12, 2012


If you had only 27 seconds, nine words and three points to make in describing your diet, what would they be?  A woman doctor described her weight maintenance as:
1. Primarian 95%
2. No grains, minimal sugar
3. Daily exercise

Later in her blog she details her strategy for days when the scale tells her she has gained weight overnight.  Skinny mocha lattes for breakfast and lunch.  A power bar at 3 pm.  Shopping to make herself happy. A large salad and small piece of meat for dinner.  It hardly sounds healthy. It works for her.

My own 27/9/3?
1. Atkins 85%
2. No grains, minimal sugar, fats
3. Test Pants

My diet strategy has had unwanted side results.  My husband has put on considerable weight.  While I am making all meat chili and chicken or tuna salad with mayo for myself with large salads, I have been making pasta, pizza and other carb heavy things for him to eat.  We were compatible only when we both ate the way he likes to eat.  I find I am less inclined to prepare two completely different meals each day. He isn't happy with a meat and vegetable for a meal. So I resorted to the meal plan that is fast and easy.  The pasta/pizza/crispy chicken/sandwich meal plan most of America is on.  I occasionally have the crispy chicken which is why I say 85% on the Atkins.  I cheat with crispy fried chicken.

The 27/9/3 can also be used to describe your lifestyle or campaign to change things or your political opinion.

1. Lower school taxes
2. End labor union bargaining
3. No pensions

1. Make more art
2. Work table well supplied
3. Repeat daily

Mother's Day weekend is in full swing.  Mothers everywhere are getting flowers, herb baskets, hanging petunia baskets and Endless Summer Hydrangeas.  The phones at work are ringing, the couriers are making deliveries, the greenhouse is both beautifully filled with color and a huge mess.  I was so over tired yesterday that I never fell asleep (or did and it was so fitful, that I thought I didn't).  I am exhausted.  I already have two loads of laundry washed, only one shirt needs ironing so far, the bedsheets are off the bed, my friend has suggested I come cut (pull) rhubarb while she is away visiting her mother.  I already peeled and cubed three mangoes and put them in the freezer (I plan to make mango ice cream or a mango smoothie).

I watched a movie made in England for BBC.  Mansfield Park.  Jane Austin.  It seemed familiar, yet not. It was presented without commercials on the Mplex channel I now get.  I also have Little Women recorded. And eleven episodes of 30 Minute Meals with Jamie Oliver.  So far, Chicken Pie and Vegetable Lasagna have been watched.  He made the mango and yogurt ice cream for dessert.  He makes good food.  I have many of his cookbooks.  I should actually use them to make meals. LOL.

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