Friday, May 25, 2012


Terry would rather throw bricks down from a high place and bitld would rather not lower a 5 gallon bucket down from a height.  I think tossing them onto the tarp and then loading them into a wheelbarrow and taking them into the woods will be enough fun for me in any two hour stretch.  The house side of the bricks is pretty much closed in, so we could take down the outside without opening the house until the very end.

G is having some difficulty breathing with exertion (heavy lifting) so we may not be able to do this ourselves.  His lung problems will define what we can and can't do ourselves.  I also don't want him breathing in brick dust.  It's just that doing myself is essentially FREE and having people come in is about $8000.  Yes, you read that right.  Free versus $8000.  And best of all, no one actually wants to do the work, even for $8000.  I think the last guy mentioned four guys at 8 hours and $80 an hour.


Tracy said...

I totally agree with you about doing it yourself, and a little bit each day. I am the grounds keeper at my house. I am slowly clearing out invasive weeds and trying to encourage more native grasses to grow on our two acres. I just keep on hacking away at it. Your chimney will be gone before you know it. Just think how toned your upper arms will be too!

Terry Grant said...

Are you disposing of the bricks in the woods, or do you have something you are going to do with them there? To me old, used bricks are like gold. I love them for all kinds of yard projects. We have a stack of them against the back fence and keep finding uses. Most recently Ray built a little platform out by the corner of the driveway with old bricks to set a large flowerpot on. I just hope you aren't dumping them. If you don't want them put an ad on Craig's list. Someone will buy them from you. Ask me how I know!