Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy, Happy Mother's Day

I am eating my dessert.  Huge, red strawberries.  I have three left in the container.  G and I had lovely bacon wrapped steaks for dinner with roasted asparagus.  G had a baked potato and Greek yogurt with chives.  I had a large green salad.  Lovely dinner.  My "appetizer" was a phone conversation with my son.  I love talking to him. Always have and always will.  Strawberries for dessert.  Plain, no sugar or cream.

My day began with the two cards my daughter gave me last Sunday (the day she thought was Mother's Day).  One from her and one from my dog Riley.  Customers gave me Mother's Day hugs and when asked if I was having a good Mother's Day; I replied that my dog had given me a lovely card this morning and that he said he loved me.  I love him, too.  And I was smiling and the happiness I was feeling today was very evident.  A very good day. My daughter also gave me a Hello Kitty storage cube which Riley licked.  Not liked.  Licked.  I think I have enough Hello Kitty stuff now.

It was 70 degrees today.  Which is just about my favorite temperature.  That's 72.  It was hotter by the potting bench but I wore light clothing.  And I had packed cold fried chicken wings and coleslaw made with high fat and no sugar for lunch.  Delicious.

Tonight, Masterpiece Theater has Sherlock.  The Killing and Mad Men have new episodes.  Survivor is ending and I couldn't care less.  Such a boring season.  Even more boring than last season.  Do I really need to waste anymore time watching?  I may just watch another Jamie Oliver episode.  Yesterday I didn't watch any evening television and went to bed earlier than usual, and actually fell asleep.

All in all, just about a perfect day.  And tomorrow is my day off.  I plan to garden a bit.  Plant things and straighten out the soil in the beds that have new sides.  G worked hard in the veg garden.  He also cut down a few sick birches and planted our new dogwood, Janine.  I'd like to get the $25 worth of heathers planted out front, they have waited patiently for me to get around to them.  It's time.

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Jane said...

Your mothers day sounded lovely. I watch survivor too, and I totally agree with you. This season has been so boring I have not even kept up with the episodes. I think I might skip 4 of them and go straight to the last two. It better get a lot more exciting or I think it might tank.