Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Already Wednesday

Time is speeding up as the season rushes toward the first day of summer.  And the longest day.  After that we slide ever so slowly to the dark days of winter.   But we are weeks away from that.

 I am applying sunscreen to my ears everyday at work. We haven't gotten the white paint sprayed on the greenhouse glass roof yet and the sun is magnified and burns the tops of my ears.  The herbs have finally gone outside.  To a new and more interesting place.  I should take pictures of this new area.  And my quart size perennials are out there as well.   Customers are clambering for squashes, cucumbers nasturtiums and single cell tomato plants.  This is the subject of the majority of phone calls.  I suggest seeds to most as it will go as quickly as a potted plant at this time of year.  I, personally, hauled 40# bags of cow manure home from work with me yesterday.  I actually pushed four of them up the muddy hill to the parking lot (two at a time on a cart) getting a good aerobic workout before the guys saw me and jumped to help carry the bags the last few yards to the car.  I got stuck in the mud a few times with the tractor behind me, waiting for me to get out of the way.  Talk about stressful!!!

We got rain.  And the grub treatment has been successfully "watered" into the grass out back.  We are also weeks away from the struggle with the Japanese beetles.  Oh, how I hate those insects. I hope this treatment kills all the slumbering beetles before they can emerge and eat my roses.

I still have not tried my VitaMixer.  Not made even one smoothie or even one batch of ice cream.  I do have a tub of rhubarb sauce in the fridge which I am enjoying with whipped cream.  I may freeze some of it into cubes and use that to make a strawberry rhubarb ice cream.  Or just eat it as is.  I find I am more successful avoiding things when I don't try to make a low carb substitute.

This morning's eggs were a play on the Japanese style pancake recipe I copied off the internet.  Okinomiyaki.   I fried sausage and bacon with some red onion and then added a big handful of shredded cabbage and some soy sauce.  Then the eggs.   It was okay.  Not something I will make again.  I liked yesterday's eggs with leftover asparagus much better.  The taste of the asparagus overpowered the egg.  I just do not like eggs.  But, I finished all the cereal and will not buy anymore. So, it's eggs or nothing for breakfast.

Dinner last night (at 8 pm) was julienned zucchini "pasta" with leftover (from freezer) meatballs and marinara sauce.  Very, very welcome.  A lovely dinner.  We watched the finale of NCIS for this season and it made me very sad.  Then I tried reading my book but my eyes were too sleepy.  These long days at work are wearing me out, but I enjoy all the gardening questions I get during the day.  We have another new employee with a horticulture degree.  And I finally signed the contract for a lecture I was asked to give to a local gardening club next February.  I begged off sending a bio and description of the lecture.  I just don't have time to do it right now.

I am up to date on the laundry, dog walking etc.  But need to stop for a few groceries after work tonight which means getting home even later than 8 pm.  Right now, I need to pack my bag (lunch , dog supplies, drinks, extra clothing) and hop on out the door to work, dropping Riley off at day care on the way.  But, first I need to find my shoes.

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