Saturday, October 06, 2007


A slow start today. Didn't want to walk. Didn't want to do much of anything. So I didn't.

Yesterday (Friday) was my visit to the doctor for my weigh in. I've lost 67 pounds since January 5th. My blood pressure was 96/78 or 98/76. The nurse who weighed me on January 5th, in March and again in June looked at me, looked at the chart and said " Just a moment, I have the wrong chart" I said "No you don't, it's me". And it was.

My walking buddy treated me to lunch (for my birthday last month) on Wednesday with sparkling wine and dessert. On Thursday, my husband treated me to a belated birthday lunch and I had something with chicken, shrimp, artichokes, capers in butter sauce. I asked the waiter to ask the chef to make the butter sauce on the "skimpy" side. Still. I haven't had anything that rich in months. Decadent. No dessert.

After my doctor's appointment, I treated myself and G to something from the little white caravan on the town green. A Greek "fast food" experience up against two hot dog wagons feeding the crowds in my little town. I had wanted to add something Greek to my culinary birthday meals but it never happened. So Friday I walked over and purchased a lamb gyro for G and a "Big Fat Greek Salad" for myself. Delicious. And the pita is unbelievable. Puffy and grilled. G said he could have eaten a second one. The food wagon is so white and clean. With little bouquets of fresh flowers. And when I walked away, they called out to me, by name--"come back soon, Joanne". Wow. They asked for my name when I placed the order, but still, what a most excellent touch! If I was still working, I'd try that one myself with the library patrons. To improve my poor customer service skills.

My friend from Georgia is coming to visit on her way back from Europe. I'm counting the days. And cleaning. I have to dig out the guest room, find a bed and get the house tidy. Nothing beats company for getting the house in order.

And I have purchased little square stretched canvases to paint on. Small is good. G will get the folding French easel out and I'll be ready to go.


Dale Anne Potter said...

I'm sure you are feeling so much better and treating yourself once in awhile is GREAT!

Scarlet Tanager said...

Wow, that is amazing! I'm so proud of you.