Sunday, October 21, 2007

No Picture Sunday

Blogger is having a problem. So we will do without an image or two.

Sunday. G is vaccuming up dog hair. Dog is sleeping on sunporch in a sunbeam. I am dressed and ready to shred leaves. Wearing a pair of G's old jeans. That fact alone is enough to make this a fabulous day. I am wearing a pair of G's jeans. And they are a bit "too big". Oh, happy day. G has no butt. Never has had one.

Anyway, we raked up leaves yesterday and are now ready to set up the leaf shredding operation by the garage and start in with leaf mulching the garden beds as we weed and cut them down for winter. The vegetable garden is nearly ready for it's winter nap. Some lime and some weeding and it'll be ready for black plastic. To hasten the decomp.

Too late yesterday to get Greek gyros from the mall cart for lunch. They must have run out of food. So today we have to be quicker. Go earlier. The window of opportunity is 11 to 1, I think.

Yesterday I painted three little canvases. Wiped off two of them. In the morning light, I can see I should have wiped off the third one also. This is going to be HARD work. The kind of work that hurts your feelings and injures your pride. Not to mention self esteem problems. Which is probably why I have passed on painting for so many years. But now is the time. Better to try and fail, than to never have tried at all. I am going to try copying. It's a good way to try something with all the composition, tonal and color problems worked out by some who actually knows how to paint. And what are we quilters doing? Copying. From a quilt or a pattern in a book. That's how we learn. And then we go off on our own.

My friend will be here on Friday. Can't wait. What fun to have a friend here in the mornings and have conversation over coffee. In our pajamas. And the whole day together to do whatever we want. G has even provided a burn pile in case we want to do that. Kay and I usually burn all her collected brush when I visit her in Georgia. We sit in lawn chairs with beverages and watch the pile go up in flames. Nice. Not for everyone but we enjoy it very much. And Kay always remembers to have beverages handy.

G is done with the vaccum. Now to the leaves.

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