Monday, October 15, 2007


Remember I said I needed to find that missing tarantula? This isn't it. This is the tarantula I found in the street on my walk this morning. I found it just before Riley found it. The Universe is a strange and wondrous thing. Need something? Ask. And tarantulas will start appearing.

Well, I made it to 70 pounds lost this weekend. Ta Da! I also made it to Goodwill and got a new (for me) navy blue wool blazer to replace the size 20 one that I LOVE (Loved), jeans that fit, black cord pants that fit (but need hemming) and two wool dog walking sweaters. That 70 pounds was mostly nice warm fat and I am freezing!!! Nothing to keep me warm. I have to order me some pajamas.

The Red Sox and Cleveland Indians are tied one to one. If it was warmer out, I'd be wearing my Indians tee shirt. Even here in Red Sox territory.

I'm thinking I want to go all shabby chic in my decorating. Paint everything white. (Just thinking, is all) I threatened to paint the dark walnut hardwood floor in the living room a few years back. I wanted to paint it white then, too. G almost had a heart attack. Paint can always be removed if we ever sell this place (I said). Paint doesn't ruin a wood floor. And we didn't pay for the wood floor anyway. So it's like it's free, right? G didn't like it when I gave that same room a Tuscan yellow faux finish on the walls. And it looks amazing and he likes it now.

I could just continue with the French country look and do a creamy white trim on the windows and some French green accents. I'll have to get a French decor book and see what the floors look like. I'm thinking they have rugs. So I guess I could add red and green and creamy white to what I have and it would look all French for the winter. I'll have to see how the French do Christmas. I can make one of those rolled log cakes with the tiny mushrooms.

I want new dishes. I have about 6 full sets of dishes (nope, only 4 sets left) but I am bored with all of them. I want something different. Chunky. Big. One color. Big plates. Big bowls. Big mugs. I'm thinking Salsalito from Pottery Barn in Amber or Green. Both of those colors would fit in with my "new" French theme.

I have no idea what I will do with all the Petite Fleur I have. Sounds French. Could be used for Spring/Summer??? The Franciscan Apple would look okay mixed in with the "new" (to be purchased) big dishes in amber or green. So they can stay. Then we have the whole Polish pottery collection. Blue. Dots. Breakfast? The Villeroy Boch Manoir will be moving into storage for now. I have tons of it and we have used it all for over 15 years. So tired of fancy creamy white dishes. Most of this was purchased in Germany at outlets. And I think the days of wine glasses are so "over". I have shelves of 18 and 24 matching glasses for red, white and bubbly. When we lived in Germany we needed all that for entertaining. And I did bring it all out and used it all, over there. I was very entertaining.

So that's what I am contemplating today. Changes. Off loading some "things". Feathering the nest for winter enjoyment. Making plans. I have the time. I'll keep you informed.


Annie said...

Congratulations on the weight loss, I'm truly impressed.

Your redecorating sounds interesting, love your color choices.

I can now comment on your blog. I got in touch with you earlier as Sandra.

: )

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Change is good. It makes each day new. You can always pull out the old dishes if you miss them. I would get a light colored rug instead of painting the floor. It is great that you are still losing weight. I am seeing a new you.