Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Artist's Models

Hannaford had just what I was looking for for painting models. Red pears. I don't know why but I like them but I do. And they look so very smart with my Italian handpainted plate.

My first attempt at painting. Now this was without a pear model. No cherries modeled either. I was just painting. To get a feel for the paint, the surface and my own limitations. Trust me--there's lots of paint on this canvas. I think the pear has nice volume.

This is a strange week for me. No going to work. Getting used to that. Lots of walking. Leaves falling. Nip in the air. I had to put the down duvet back on the bed-- I was freezing, especially my feet-- and not able to sleep very soundly. Last night I was warm and slept through the night. Ah! We don't heat the bedroom-- really!-- and even have the windows open most of the winter (in Maine) for fresh air, so being warm while I sleep is very important. And I have almost no body fat left. Lots of saggy skin but not much in the way of fat storage units except in all those places where it has to be removed and "tucked". I'd really like a tummy tuck and saddle bag removal for Christmas.

Riley is scheduled at the vet for "all day" on Thursday for neutering. And then 10 days of "light" activity. G and I are going to take advantage of the all day thing and drive to Portland for some "sans dog" activities and Lunch at a Restaurant.

It's Cheeseburger Tuesday so I have to get ready to grill. And I found a way to make really great, fat free french fries so have to get them prepped. And I have two half sheet trays of cherry tomatoes to oven roast and pack up for the freezer. And basil to pick, wash and blenderize for frozen basil cubes to add to sauces and soups all winter. And my butternut squashes and green cabbages are getting ready to be picked. Lots going on in the garden.

I am going to try and read another book. I am so out of practice with my reading. I like it once I get going, but it's hard to get started. So many other things to do. Night Ferry by Robotham. The new Reichs book was good. Took place in Canada. I like those better. The new Evanovich was better than usual, thank goodness. They had been sliding toward mediocre. I put in a reserve for the new Peter Hoeg book "Quiet Child". He wrote "Smila's Sense of Snow" awhile back.

The Gay Guys have been reviewing Tim Gunn's Style show. Veronica needs a make over. She's Tim's "gal pal". Also, I agree with the guys. Tim takes a 29 year old in tees and crop pants and turns her into a frumpy 39 year old in a patterned wrap dress. And why does everyone need a trench coat? And why would you walk the dog in a white halter dress?

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Unknown said...

Hi Joanne,
About those basil cubes...how do you keep them from turning brown? Sounds like a great idea, then you'd always have basil.