Thursday, October 11, 2007

Poor Visual Blogging

My Halloween quilt which is NOT hanging at the library this month. And I still have not found the huge purple and black tarantula that is supposed to be popping out of the treat bag! Where is it????

Stopped in at the library to return books and there was a "famous" quilter (published) at the desk saying she missed seeing my quilts behind the desk. I said, "so do I". She said, "Did you run out of them?" and I said, "No". And then we looked at each other in a meaningful way and she got the message. Two employees said Hi. Nice.

Another library in a nearby town ended the employment ( just days after my employment ended) of their Children's Librarian after 22 years of wonderful service to the community and the children. The Assistant Children's Librarian resigned the same day, in protest. Letters to the Editor have flooded the local paper, a protest is scheduled during the library trustee's meeting, and local towns have been asked to withhold library funding to cause hardship for the library. What were they thinking?????

As to the title of this post. G and I had dinner with a friend last night and we were having a nice blueberry vodka cocktail and telling stories. We told about the "bat in the house" and G mentioned that I hadn't taken a picture of the bat for the blog. Well, I did it again. My friend sent me home with a basket of freshly picked Concord grapes for jelly making and I did not take a picture of that pile of grapes for you all. And they were pretty. Now they are grape juice.

We also picked up and sorted all the peaches that have fallen off my friend's peach tree. Riley ate two peaches, pits and all. I'm hoping they aren't poisonous to dogs. He also ate an apple. We made sure he didn't get anywhere near the grape arbor. Oh, he had some raspberries. This dog just loves fruit. He also ran all over a big field behind the cemetery. Lots of good flat out running. He is gorgeous when he runs. A true field champion pedigree.

I'm having lunch with a library friend today and will be purchasing some jelly sized canning jars for my soon to be grape jelly. I've never made jelly before but am willing to try it. I think I also need something called a "jelly bag". After that, I will skin and cut up peaches for a peach pie and also attempt to make some peach salsa. We had some Trader Joe's peach salsa with chips last night with our drinks. Delicious. We also had potato, carrot and coconut milk soup with salad and spelt bread. G is a trooper. The vegan lifestyle just doesn't do it for him but he always eats like he's enjoying it. I put lots of extra butter on his spelt bread. My friend gave him 4 big cookies for dessert. Riley slept in the car.

Thank you to all who have commented with thoughtful suggestions on how I can manage to get through all this "stuff" relating to depression. I have them all written on index cards and shuffle through the cards and "do" whatever appeals to me that day. It is working so far! I am sleeping appropriate amounts, not going off my diet, not reading romances all day, making art and cleaning out my studio with plans to move upstairs. Now that I have lost nearly 70 pounds, my knees don't make funny noises anymore when I walk up the stairs. Wow! The light is so much better up there and the space is nice. I plan to take up only what I need-- to do the work I'm interested in doing. Everything else will stay downstairs and what is still there by summer will be given away. I refuse to be dragged down.

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His Office, My Studio said...

WOW, you are doing great losing weight. Love your Halloween quilt and I am sure it will be missed at the library.

Sometimes "Poor Visual Bloggin" is good.