Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wonderful Day

My first saved painting. It could use some more work but you know, sometimes you have to just leave it alone. At least for a while more. This is 8 inches square. Acrylics. Trust me, the others were much worse.

I purchased 6 inch square canvases today. Four of them. So tiny. Hardly big enough to cause me any worries.

Lunch today with someone I never had the chance to spend time with before I stopped working at the library. We tried a new place for both of us and now I wonder why I never ate there before. Cozy. Upscale. Even trendy. And the food was wonderful. My friend had the crispy eggplant panini and I had the grilled Greek chicken gyro. We both chose the House Potatoes as a side. Crispy fried with EVOO and lemon. Very wonderful. Everything was wonderful. The ambiance, the food, the company and the conversation. Just what I needed.

After lunch I went and returned the size 14 clothes I had purchased at Goodwill 9 days ago because by today, they no longer fit and I hadn't worn them yet. And why have new clothes that need tucks? I was "allowed" to exchange them but not return them. I was also coached by another employee, on the side, to return things to another Goodwill location--not this one.

So I selected a black spandex top (very sexy), size 10 (yes) J Jill brown cordoroy pants, a pair of cropped black and white check pants for next summer (small 14), and a pair of men's navy cordoroy pants (34/30) which were $2.50. I have the navy pants on right this minute. I LOVE wide wale cords and all my old favorites are now TOO BIG and Eddie Bauer doesn't make them any more. I will wear these pants every day until the zipper gives out (soon). Then I will be sad. And I'll cut the pants up and use the cordoroy in a "quilt". Or maybe get a new zipper installed.

Walked 5 miles total today. (Those House Potatoes) Found out my walking buddy is leaving for her home in Florida on Friday. :-( And my friend who is vacationing in Switzerland is thinking of flying directly to Atlanta on Friday and not coming to Maine to see me. :-( She's tired from all the vacation (2 weeks) and she really wants to go home to her grandkids.

The third sad thing-- everything happens in threes -- is not really sad. My friend died peacefully on Sunday afternoon without waking up. This is what she wanted so I have to not be sad about it. But I still expect the phone to ring and hear her voice asking if I'm free for lunch.
If they read blogs where you are, Gregor, read this one. As to what your family is doing (or better yet, not doing) -- you would be saying "Fascinating!" and you'd be right. :-)

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Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like your little painting. Not being a painter myself I can't judge you on technique, only on visual appeal.
I'm glad your friend slipped away peacefully; I know so many who lingered for months, then passed.
They say for every 10 lbs you lose you go down a dress size. Is this true?