Friday, December 16, 2016

Yesterday's Pedicure

Your feet have lots of things to say regarding your health.  Or at least this diagram seems to think it has messages to deliver.  It would seem my problems are related to my eyes and my lungs.  Now if that doesn't cause one to stop and be gobsmacked--well, I don't know what would.  My pedicurist mentioned the problems of my toes and the balls of my feet.  She felt I need to have a professional look.  "things are not as they should be".

I still haven't made my chocolate bundt.  It is freezing cold here in Maine and I am wanting ice cream.  Go figure.  I ate my way thru quite a bit of vanilla ice cream and jars of hot fudge sauce last winter.  I am trying NOT to repeat those mistakes.

Riley is refusing to sleep with us in the cold bedroom wing of the house.  He is staying in the "relatively" warmer kitchen section--with his chin on the window sill and his eyes on the moon bright back yard.  Alive with the "wild things" that roam.

I have books to read but am not reading.  I have Christmas cards to write but I am not writing.  I have a closet to sort but I don't give a damn about it either.  I have today off and return to work tomorrow for a very long and very cold (I work in a glass greenhouse) day.   I am not looking forward to work. Knowing that tends to dissolve any good feelings I have about the day before.

I am also such a frugal person, that listening to the furnace go on and off---thinking of the money each cycle is costing me here in Maine with heating oil---sigh...... it's truly painful.  So inefficient. Expensive and not really warm.

One of the big wreaths in the front of the house has lost it's bow--blown off overnight.  G will not be wanting to go out there to put the bow back on.  G hates being cold more than the dog does.

I need to think about making something to eat.  The refrigerator is looking bare.  The freezer is full so I can thaw something out and "make" a meal.  But what?  I bought myself two tubs of Panera's broccoli cheese soup.  I mixed one with leftover mac and cheese and some leftover peas.  It was pretty good for lunch at work.  Now I am wondering what else I could mix into the soup for tomorrow's lunch.  I have a few potatoes, carrots, onions, eggs, swiss cheese, rice, dry black beans, 8 ounces of cream cheese, butter, bacon, bread crumbs, corn meal, canned mushrooms, frozen chicken breasts and frozen artichoke hearts. A reasonably good cook should be able to make something edible out of these things.  Or at least a plate of bacon and eggs.

I was reading a review of cookbooks and Bittman says he finds what he actually has in the fridge and looks into the recipe index at the back of the books and finds a recipe there that uses what he has--not what he would need to leave the house and buy.  Sounds like a plan.

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