Sunday, December 11, 2016

Wanting or Needing?

Today's Sunday Lifestyle Pages had several articles on recycling, reusing and making our own clothing. The authors also discussed wanting and needing LESS.  I recall someone asking "how many pairs of pants can you wear"  meaning, I think, how many do you actually need.

I don't know about any of you, but I tend to wear the same two or three or four things all the time.  I only wear the second choice while the first choice is in the wash. On a few terrible occasions I have gotten wet or dirty twice in one day and had to wear things I would never wear otherwise-third choice items.  On those terrible days--I should just have packed up everything for Goodwill.

Third choice items are usually itchy, scratchy or ill fitting in one place or another. Yesterday I had on third choice socks and let me tell you--I was downright miserable and my feet hurt.

I should clarify further.  I buy multiples of things I love.  Like 7 white linen short sleeved camp shirts. I would have to get dirty 7 times before having to go to a second choice shirt.  I have 7 because I HAVE had to go to second choice on occasion and I absolutely hated it.  All those second choice shirts are either gone or have been moved to the linen fabric box--to be used to make things--like pillow cases or little quilted things.

Winter linen shirts have long sleeves.  And they are white also.  A few have stripes.  I felt I needed variety but I don't wear them very often.  I have pastel colored linen from the days I worked at the library and weighed 240 pounds.  Too large for me to wear now--so they are in the fabric closet.

All my winter pants are the same pant.  LLBean corduroy.  Different colors.  Different vintages. I tend to prefer wearing the mossy green ones.  Tend not to enjoy wearing the black ones.  They all cost between $5 and twenty cents. Or LLBean perfect knit pant.  I bought armloads of them at 20 cents each when I worked part time.  Oddly enough--I can't find more than four pair- and I've spent hours looking.

This summer, I trolled Goodwill and now have the same black or brown linen pants, capri length, LLBean.  Multiples.  Love them.  Hate when Winter comes.  Summer is my happiest season.

I actually could and should just remove everything else from the closet.  I got that Kondo book from the library.  About getting rid of the things that don't "spark joy".

There are days in January when I wear my pajamas all day with a sweater. My pajamas always spark joy.  The sweater not so much.  I should buy or find a better one.

Well, that's it for today.  I have yet to get the lights on the little short tree.  No football game today. I may go to the grocery store or we may just order take out.

The eat one thing and wait 2 hours plan is working great.  I haven't had any acid reflux.  I have no idea why I haven't had any but.......I'll go with it.  Perhaps it's  the combination of foods???

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