Thursday, December 29, 2016

This Year's Ornament--Bees

Never got past the initial prototype.  I didn't have the felt I needed.  JoAnn's didn't have good colors or a large selection.  They did have wonderful bee eye buttons.  Then I found this painting.

Now I am ready to take some bees.  More black and tan than black and bright gold.

We have eaten most of the meatballs.  Have only 5 pierogi left.  Still have Bundt cake.  Never made any cookies.  Should make some cookies.

It's snowing lightly.  Riley and G are back from their daily walk.  The house is cold.  The lights are on as in Winter it is never really "bright" in here.  I have a book I could read.  Bees I could sew.  The hooked rugs to repair.  The charity quilt to quilt.

Plenty of things to do.  I am wearing a cashmere turtleneck from Bean.  Cost a few dollars as it had several holes in it.  I've had it a long time.  Wearing it for the first time today with a cotton turtleneck under.  Itchy around the neck without the cotton layer.  Off White.  The grey cashmere sweater I wear every day was dirty and was hand washed yesterday.  Still damp.  I wash my cashmere in Trader Joe's Citrus Bodywash Liquid.  With a squirt of hair conditioner in the same product line.  I used the shampoo from this line to wash sweaters until they stopped making it.  A TJ's employee said she thought the shampoo and body wash were exactly the same.

Treat cashmere just like my hair.  Something gentle that rinses out to squeaky clean.

I may need to add a thin down vest to my indoor clothing.

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