Thursday, December 01, 2016

Wheat Intolerance--Bread? Spelt flour to the rescue.

I have a bag of spelt flour.  And this morning a search for bread recipes.  I now have three that look promising.  A Soda Bread with seed topping.  Vegan Spelt Rolls.  And a No Knead Loaf that rises 24 hours and bakes in the cast iron Le Creuset.  Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner breads.

I had shredded wheat cereal for breakfast (the only cereal with 2 ingredients and lowfat no sugar).  And I now have acid reflux.  I share this with Riley.  His food is giving him acid reflux as well.  We have changed out Riley's food to lower and lower % of fat.  He's now at 3% or less.  The Vet says his very shiny (beautiful) black coat will be a thing of the past on this diet.  Still taking Pepcid.  But only 20mg twice a day.  Not 40mg twice as it was for two weeks.  He lost 3 pounds in the two weeks.  Inflammation for sure.  Sometimes I take one of his Pepcid.  It helps.

I am also sneezing quite a lot.  At home mostly.  G vacuumed the house yesterday and I felt better. We may need to remove the wall to wall carpets.  Install wood floors.  Get rid of pillows. The couches won't be cozy nests of soft pillows (and dust mites) any more.  I don't want to.

We ate out on G's birthday.  Lovely Italian place.  Red wine.  Pasta.  Bread.  Dessert.  G gained 2 pounds overnight (salt content of food) and I had acid reflux and itchy eyebrows.  We won't be doing that again.  Eating used to be fun.  Entertaining.  Now it just makes us both miserable.  Actually it makes all three of us miserable.

Today was supposed to be wet and rainy.  It's not.  So my walking buddy cancelled for no reason.

I managed to hand appliqué little 4 patch blocks over two of the rail fence blocks (in that leftover charity quilt) that look like swastikas from afar.  The third is relentless.  No matter what I try--the dreaded "s" is still visible.  I am now going up into the attic bedroom to try and find some plain white fabric.  The white might drag the "eye" away.

In my humble opinion--rail fence blocks should be made with three differing widths of fabric. Or not made at all.

For anyone following along--the Six Seeded Soda Bread recipe is adapted from River Cottage Every Day by 101 Cookbooks  The Honey Spelt Loaf is from Food &Wine Lionel Vatinet.  And Vegan Spelt Rolls (10 rolls baked in a 8" round cake pan) are from Minimalist Baker at

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Susan said...

don't know if this will help with the acid reflux but cereal (doesn't matter what kind) and milk always give me reflux. For me it is the milk that does it.