Saturday, December 17, 2016

It Is Snowing

A "greasy" snow.  Which, here in Maine, means icy under the snow so your feet and car tires slip and slide over the surface.  No purchase.  G drove me to work this morning and came to get me at 5.  I said I was certainly able to drive myself in the morning.  But was certain I would NOT be able to get myself safely back home.  I was 1000% thankful to not be driving tonight.

At work, I got to mop the floor again (really I do enjoy it) but this time I started earlier so I could do the entire floor.  Moving things so all the floor is mopped.  Not just mopping down the center of the aisles.  Business was slow..... the snow and road conditions.

I mentioned to G that I was sad to think of the Christmas Parties on this last Saturday before Christmas that were either cancelled or have few guests.  It was like this last year I think.  The Saturday's had bad weather.  I think Christmas Parties are the BEST!  Twinkly lights, the tree and looking at all the decorations on the tree.  My neighbor across the street had two wonderful Christmas Parties....and then the last few the weather cut the party short.  Guests would arrive only to say they were leaving again.  They wanted to get home before the driving got worse.  There we sat (the locals) with food, drink and no people.  Now, no parties.

I know, I could have a party.  But it isn't easy with my work schedule.  Maybe, one day.

My schedule for next week is two days.  Monday and Wednesday.  I won't be working Christmas Eve.  I can throw myself, whole-heartedly, into the pierogi making.  Not the day before.  Not the day after, but right on Christmas Eve.

Oh, and when I reached into the darkest back corner of the lowest kitchen cabinet--what to my reaching hand did I find?  A Bundt Pan.  I did have one.  Do have one.  Thank goodness I didn't go out and buy another.  This one was purchased in Germany.  Good memories of making lots of  pudding cakes and a "cowboy" something or other for hungry teenagers and their friends.  It's in either the Betty Crocker or the Better Homes cookbooks.  Well worn and lots of food smudged pages.

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dianen said...

We had freezing rain, then sleet, then four more inches of snow. Not good for driving or walking. I will be staying home and baking. Old cookie recipes that have not been made in years and I have taken out my mother's cookie book that she used when I was little. The pages with the most stains yield the best cookie recipes. Happy memories.

Wishing you and your family a very happy Christmas.