Saturday, December 03, 2016

Today's Message

I work for a family owned business.  We do nice things for customers.  Repotting your new plant into a new pot or the old one you brought with you.  Standing up 12,000 trees until you find the "perfect" one.  Drawing a diagram of the layers in a terrarium for someone making a tiny fairy garden for some sweet little girl.  Filling the little 12 inch window box you place on top of the mailbox--seasonally.  Today it was greens, pinecones and berries.  How many years have you been coming in to us for the filling?  Is it 5 or 10?

I made the Spelt Rolls.  The recipe was vegan but I am not so I used regular white sugar.  They are fluffy.  Look exactly like regular dinner rolls.  Spelt has gluten but is not wheat.  They tasted funny. And I got indigestion.  But it went away after I ate white rice and peas.  I had two more with butter with my lunch salad today.  No indigestion.

G came to pick up the tree I picked out.  It was awful.  So we looked at trees to replace it.  We finally picked one out.  It's here at home and it's too small, too narrow and there are no spaces for ornaments. It's a lights only tree.  We may return it.  But there is nothing else to buy.  It has a nice little shape.  But it doesn't touch the ceiling.  I like the tree to touch the ceiling.  This is such a disappointment that I am near tears typing this.  The ONLY part of Christmas I love is the tree.  I love it so much I don't take it down until January.  I would leave it up longer but G doesn't love the tree as much as I do.

I am very tired.  Reading Nevada Barr's Boar Island.  One quarter in and it's dull.  Even boring. The characters are impossible to be interested in.  And it's set in Maine.  I should be tickled by all the "Maine-er-isms".

I read Woman in Cabin 10.  But first I read the author's first book.  In The Deep Dark Woods or something like that.  That first book was fantastic.  The Woman In Cabin 10?  Not so much.  Needed a really good proof reader and some re-writes.  This is what happens when a new author puts out a really great first book.   The book company rushes to print book two--to make sales.  And the book isn't ready--it still needs work.  Now the author will have trouble getting anyone to read book three (if and when she writes it)

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