Monday, December 05, 2005

What A Day!

First of all- my web ring button was installed on the first try. Thank you Deborah! Then I find out my orchid is planning on sending out another flower stalk! I just gave it a nice soak in the sink, some new orchid potting stuff and some Miracle Grow as a reward. And my gingerbread house picture-above- transferred or uploaded on the first try.

More about the house. I started with a cheap dollhouse kit (used a 40% coupon) and after my husband cut all the pieces out of the sheets they came on--I'm too rough and would have broken them---I painted the windows, casements et all and then the house sides and front then glued the windows in and then put the house together. My daughter and I then started gluing on the "candy". I painted wooden heart shapes to look like lebkuchen cookies and rolled out gold Sculpty and cut out little gingerbread boys and baked and decorated them (on window sills), rolled red and white Sculpty to look like peppermint candies and cut pastel fun foam into shingles for the roof. My daughter found "gumdrop" garland at TJ Maxx and my husband found some "sugar-coated" garland in Pennsylvania at an ACE retailer. At the Skillin's open house I found the two big candy canes by the front door.

Why did I make it? Neither of my two children plan to have any children so I'm a grandmother with no grandchildren. Instead of denying myself the pleasure of making stuff---I just go ahead and make it and haul it over to the library and let those children enjoy it. Surprisingly, the adults love it just as much as the kids do. The only complaint I have heard--they wish it was REAL candy. That doesn't keep any of the children (big and little) from touching, pulling and otherwise trying to get candy off the house! I hope the hot glue holds tight.

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Pat Dolan said...

Well, I had a daughter who absolutely HATED dolls, but I built her a doll house - she made it a mouse house and used small stuffed mice for the people. Then, when I earned my first big commission, I bought myself a large dollhouse and furnished it inside and out. (The grandkids loved it when they were young.) Then, I gave my mom a log cabin doll house, because she wanted one. Then our son built a doll house for his wife, when their children were tiny.

Guess where all (but one) of the dollhouses live now? With the daughter, now chemistry prof at Penn State, who hates dolls! She has the biggest house with the most storage space... Lucky girl!

It's fun to be a kid at heart. I'm proud of you for doing what you want when you want, without any other rhyme or reason other than you WANTED to!