Monday, December 26, 2005

Tidings of Great Joy

One: Christmas is Ovah!

Two: My husband gave me three apples and a turnip. Yep! That was a gift. See he was tired of the pear. He liked the paintings but he wanted me to "move on" so he trolled the veg aisle at the grocery and pickin's were slim so I got three apples and a slightly soft turnip--but with lovely lavender top and some cute little roots.

Three: My neighbor the ER doctor came over with a present--oh, pretty ribbon!--and FLU SHOTS!! Yes, he had alcohol wipes, needles, bottled vaccine and he stabbed me in the arm with flu stuff. When he said we were going to do "shots" I figured Tequila. I won't fall for that again.

Four: In prep for the annual holiday visit of our daughter, Hub and I cleaned the living room and kitchen areas. The floor, moved furniture, put on the slipcovers (red!- Target!), set furniture in a new diagonal look, dusted, moved lights, watered the fabulous Pointsettia I won at the garden store, bagged up all the paints, magazine pictures, journals, paste jars, pastel boxes, ribbons, spilled glitter etc. that cover my side of the the dining room table. All was wonderful. The daughter came, fired up my laptop and played a Scrabble game while Hub and I watched TV in the lovely living room. Criminal Intent. Mine or the TV show--you guess.

Five: My son called on Christmas Eve to say he was driving to Las Vegas for Christmas and was staying for a few days. He was going alone. Broke up with his girlfriend in the spring. They usually spent Christmas together. No wonder he wanted to go somewhere else--and for me--Vegas is as far into "somewhere else" as one can go without entering outer space. Made me sad since I was lucky enough to find the Hub on the first try and we get along so well--when we aren't yelling at each other.

Six: My 83 year old father promised not to chip ice from the end of his driveway this winter. He pulls a lawn chair, cart with his oxygen tank, and a chipping tool out to the end of the driveway--busy street--and proceeds to chip away at any ice build up. Passers by wonder where his family is and why they let him do this. "Let" has nothing to do with this!!! Anyway. He promised me he wouldn't do it in 2006. I also tried to get him to promise not to "ease" his way out of the sidestreet and into the busy street when driving his car. He's thinking about that one. If you can't pull out at a speed over 10 mph--you really shouldn't be merging into traffic. Enough said. See I'm a nice daughter--I don't want to inherit just yet.

Seven: I wish my husband would buy exactly what I ask him to buy--not the closest thing he can find that "isn't" what I asked for. Coming home with nothing is so much better than coming home with something I don't want. He just came home with two somethings that now have to be returned and I gave him PICTURES to take with. I wanted a specific electric staple gun so he bought me an electric staple gun. Thirty seven years of training and I still have not worked out the kinks. He likes to shop. This will always be a problem.

Eight: I didn't like my hair yesterday so with some not so sharp scissors, I cut the parts that were offending me, off. Geez, is Karri my hair cutter gonna be happy when she sees me or what???


arlee said...

What a lovely present :}! Sometimes they surprise you, don't they?

Deborah Boschert said...

Cleaned up the dining room table?! I hope you've messed it up again since then painting that turnip.