Wednesday, December 28, 2005

New Stuff

This is the newest of my floral quilts. It was looking pretty lame until I auditioned the blue and white polka dot on it. Now it's got some "BAM". If you minimize the image you'll get to see the whole thing. It's 48 inches square. I sewed my finger to one of the outside petals and am still a little machine shy.......

The Christmas Turnip in oil pastels. With dining table clutter artfully arranged for Deborah who finds the "extras" amusing. The turnip looks like a top--I was so busy working on roundness, that I lost the 3 dimensional turnipness of the turnip. Notice the baby Warhols--you can get this effect with your own baby--$100 to $600. Hard to pass up.

I dye painted the center fabric years ago and washed it out and stored the piece. I'm into avoidance of actual work lately so I cut and sewed some borders on and I actually am starting to like this piece. My friend Joan suggests naming the quilt to help move it along. This looks rather "Planetary" to me. Is it moving yet? The blue stuff to the left is the African quilt from another post. Still unbordered.

This little scrap of a "idea" is for my tiny art quilt group project. Layered again. Ten inches long and about five inches wide. Batting, scraps from a sandwich bag (applique project long gone), tulle and thread so far. It's supposed to have HEAVY stitching covering the entire surface. Not crazy quilt style but like crewel work. Ugh!

The pastel pear again with more darks this time and a few more treats for Deborah around the edges. I was watching Bobby Flay and he made Carmelized Onions, Apple Chutney, and layered it all in a Camenbert Cheese Quesadilla. I liked everything as separate items. All together it would probably make me sick. Cheese Mold with Onions and Apples doesn't do it for me.

I had one more picture but Blogger would only upload 5 items so I will post again in a minute with the last wonderful picture--just for Red Shoe Rambling. Stay tuned.


Deborah Boschert said...

Ah... you're so good to me. I love the pear! And the orange flower is stupendous. You're right. The blue streaks make it zing.

arlee said...

Orange and blue ROCK, but then *i* think orange goes with *everything* :}
Pretty turnip, gonna staple it after? (very lame joke sorry :])

annabel said...

I think the polka dots are just the right fabric in just the right place. I also love your turnip. You obviously like round things at the moment? lol