Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Red Shoes

I found a Neiman Marcus catalog in the magazine exchange at the library and there was this lovely redhead and the lovely red shoes and I thought of our favorite redhead and her favorite shoes and I made a little "story" out of the images. All this could be yours Deb--just email me and the originals will speed your way by post office mail. (I think that's an oxymoron) The comic book style graphic is about 12 by 14 inches and is the cover for a detailed "comic"--pages of the redhead shopping for jeans (?). No wonder she's crying.


Deb R said...

OoohOoohOooh!! Yay!! Will email you with an addy.

And (combining comments here) I LOVE the orange flower quilt. Those blue/white spotty bits just make it sing. Wow!

Elle said...

LOL!!! The first person I thought of as soon as I saw the photo was DebR! LOL.