Thursday, December 01, 2005

Crazy Aunt Purl Tagged the Universe

I went to Aunt Purl's for the December Horroscope but I guess it's not ready yet, but Aunt Purl had a "tag" list that looked interesting so I decided to "tag" myself.

Ten Random Things You Might Not Know About Me

1. Almost everything because I don't know any of you
2. Dental Phobia
3. Can bake a pie but not a cake
4. Can make almost anything but clothes
5. Married a man I met on Spring Break in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
6. Organize 40,000 books each summer for library book sale
7. No sense of direction
8. Add water to coffee so it's more like tea
9. Wear slippers almost all the time
10.Sewed my finger to a quilt

Nine Places I Have Visited

1. Cleveland
2. Russia
3. Germany
4. France
5. Austria
6. Hungary
7. Greece
8. Sweden
9. Denmark

Eight Ways to Win My Heart

1. Remember something I've told you
2. Presents
3. Invite me places
4. Flowers
5. Give me a pile of old magazines to rip up
6. Let me teach you something I love
7. Ice Cream
8. Be happy to see me

Seven Things I Want to Do Before I Die

1. Drive on the highway
2. Travel around the US with Kay and take pictures of BIG things. Like the giant Peach or big ball of string.
3. Visit Australia
4. Get a quilt into Quilt National
5. Learn to speak French
6. Paint--I've been putting it off forever
7. Not worry about money

Six things I'm Afraid Of

1. Driving on the highway
2. High places-especially looking over the edge
3. The food processor--call me crazy!
4. The Dentist
5. Getting Lost- no sense of direction
6. Having a blog no one reads

Five Things I Don't Like

1. People who eat lots of garlic and then come to the library to talk to me
2. Dead things
3. Jerry Springer
4. George W. Bush-I change the channel if he shows up
5. The first month of winter coat season--all the moth ball smells

Four Ways to Turn Me Off

1. Crowd me
2. Garlic breath
3. Be mean
4. Don't listen when I'm trying to be helpful

Three Things I Do Everyday

1. Make my oatmeal in the microwave and then walk off and forget it
2. Watch "That's Clever" and find that it isn't really clever
3. Wait for the mailman--someday he'll bring me something swell

Two Things That Make Me Happy

1. My husband (he'll never believe I said this)
2. Working in my fabric/mess/studio

One Thing On MY Mind Right Now

1. Is it lunch time?


Anonymous said...

Well, that was a very cool introduction - welcome to the blogring! I am also TERRIFIED beyond rationality of the dentist, and one of my main goals is to get a quilt into quilt nationsl. If you ever come to Australia you must come visit!
Caity (

Karoda said...

Hi this is Karoda from Seamless Skin in the ring...I love this tag but its much too long for me to do right now. Someone sent me a photo of a McDonalds that is built on a walking bridge over a highway...I don't remember where it was though...but it was an unusual photo that your post made me recall.