Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Little This, A Little That

After reading blogs yesterday--it really consumes the day if you let it--I had to shower, dress and grab my husband and make him drive me to the "Big City" and the Artist's Supply Warehouse to get oil pastels and more watercolor paper in block form. I had used up all my small blocks making Christmas paintings and doing the pear. I wanted to try the oil pastels on watercolor paper. After spending $40 to get 15 colors--you don't want to know how I selected those 15 when I really wanted all of them---I raced--to a restaurant for barbequed chicken nachos. Oh, they are delicious!!!

Now this (blogger picture shuffle) relates to Sonja's blog rant of yesterday on dog poop. Her friends mentioned that someday she would be standing at the end of her driveway with a pile of rocks next to her--yelling (ranting) at passersby and throwing rocks. I identified with this idea. I have always been more "Lucy" than any other Peanuts character. Bossy, argumentative, rude, and a general "know it all". I have good qualities but mostly I'm Lucy. So here, in honor of Sonja, is Lucy with her pile of rocks--ready to rant.

Now, while reading posts I came across someone's blog--did I write it down or bookmark?
--No. I always think I will remember these things. Anyway, there was a picture of Yes! and a description of how she applied this paste to cloth and when it dries she could watercolor on it and it looked like a watercolor--no repelling by the paste surface. And after drying she heat set the painting with an iron. More info later. So okay, I also bought this at the Artist's Supply and now I want to know whose blog I visited so I can find out how to proceed. Help!!!

Another picture of the same pear as above. I think it needs more darks as it looks flat to me. This is my first time using oil pastels of this creamy consistency. My previous set of 24 oil pastels still has the price tag on the box cover---48 cents. When did anything cost 48 cents? I now have 15 little pastels that cost $2.72 each compared to 2 cents each for the ones I know how to use. And the new ones are so greasy. So French. I think there was a mid-point set. Somewhere between expensive imported and domestic cheapo. The hunt is on.

I'm searching the blogs for more reports and reviews of last night's Project Runway. Good tv but lousy fashion if you ask me. Saltino should have gone but Daniel was so much easier--he had a target on him from the start. Where's Wendy when we need her????


Deborah Boschert said...

Love love love the pear. I'm also amused by all the stuff sitting around it. Ah, yes, I think Sonji is a bit like Lucy too! I think she'd happily admit that. Nothing wrong with knowing who you like and what you want! Where'd you get the chicken nachos? I'm going to send you more Runway links privately.

Miriam said...

This is so great. I love the color mix and the circular strokes.