Monday, August 30, 2010

Staying Cool

I went looking for Riley and found him asleep on the cool tile floor of the foyer. Woke him up and then was down on the floor trying to get a picture while he tried to sniff and lick me. He had a wonderful day at day care (lots of nice AC) and I had a nightmare of a day at work in a greenhouse with yellow jackets all around. Plus I slipped and fell on some slick clay in the perennial yard and have rock burns on my leg. When I left work at 2, my underwear was wet.

I figured out what I was doing wrong in the car and I got the AC working and left it cooling while I went in to get Riley. No panting. Always a good thing. But he took a tremendously long pee before getting into the car. I thought he might have fallen asleep standing up or something.

We are supposed to be having pizza for dinner. I left the rock hard frozen dough on the kitchen counter to thaw and it did. Pizza still sounds like a good idea even if we have to turn the oven on. Or we could eat something else. The fridge is absolutely packed with cabbages, broccoli, lettuce and zucchini. I have tomato chunks waiting to be made into soup stock. I think I might take a shower and watch a Fringe disc (season one) or I may just sit quietly and daydream.

The shower may be all I need to put me to sleep as I am exhausted from being hot. I watered everything in the greenhouse, fertilized by hand, and straightened up the orchids, and unpacked three carts of mums (ratty looking) and had my lunch. Yogurt with frozen strawberries and a Suduko puzzle. Followed by watermelon chunks. A smaller serving. Very moist. Cold. Now, for the shower.

PS: I asked for a raise today. My boss said he was forwarding my request to the main office where the people who own the company work. My boss thinks I deserve something but we won't know if the owners will agree. Perhaps. Never hurts to ask. In a family business, the family is taken care of first. Sometimes they forget about the needs of the rest of us, people who aren't relatives.

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