Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Heatwave & Spoiled Rotten

I woke up during the night, unable to breathe through my nose. I am now under the influence of Benadryl. Ragweed or goldenrod. Both are out in my backyard. The pollen must have crept in through the bedroom windows.

G and I slept until 9:30, dressed and went out for breakfast. After breakfast we stopped at Cuddledown to see what they had on sale. It's an outlet. I found a king flat sheet and four pillowcases in lovely white Italian linen. They were having a 50% off sale of discontinued twin sheets in linen also. So after discussing the future guest room plans with G, I purchased a set for each of the twin beds. (beds that have no room or mattresses). Guests rarely stay at our house so one set per bed will be enough for the next 40 years of bedmaking. the charming sales person said they were supposed to have a total of 6 king white linen pillowcases in the store. We found four and she called several hours later to say that she had found a fifth. Fifty dollars each. And this is how I spend my hard earned money. If I was a true "princess" I would have purchased the $84 single pillowcases. Yes, they do cost that much. Once you sleep on a well washed (many times) linen sheet set, you are lost forever. They are SO nice.

Our class yesterday went well. Perhaps 30 to 35 customers (maybe more) sat and watched N and I divide perennials and answer questions. And then they proceeded to buy lots of stuff. Then there was a period of nothing for several hours and then a flurry of sales in the last hour we were open. the "special" coffeecake turned out to be the $3.49 cakes from the grocery store. Very sweet. The class ate them all. I was exhausted. No more classes until the Saturday of my birthday. Houseplants. Unless we do Herbs on the 11th.

We're ready to eat. One of the Mennonite teens in our class brought me some wonderful yellow squash to fry with onion and serve with steamed rice, peas and sliced garden tomatoes. G went out to get some fried chicken to go along. Sounds like a good dinner.

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Annie said...

I absolutely love the artwork in the "Sunday Heatwave....."pic.

Hope you can stay somewhat cool the next few days.