Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dog Days Of August

Riley is getting tired of Summer. He enjoys the brisk chill of Spring, Fall and Winter. G gave the dog a bit of excitement and took him swimming in the Androscoggin River. We have a spot just off one of the main streets for entry to the river for canoes and kayaks and Riley retrieved sticks and did some good swimming. Exercise that made him sleep late two days in a row.

My work schedule has been bumped up to five days a week again and I have classes to prep for and teach. We are getting busy again. Halloween items are on display.

I purchased a pussy willow in the "yard sale" yesterday and today G will plant it on the further edge of the vernal pool area. The willow will have wet feet three seasons out of four. And most likely be under water in one of them (spring). G has always wanted a willow. It's a bit beat up but has nice fresh growth and needs a second chance. Don't we all.

I also purchased another Austen Rose. This one is Christopher Marlow. Which is perfect. I have a Christopher. I adore the English hybrids. I have Graham Thomas (yellow), Falstaf (deep magenta), Mary (light pink) and now Christopher Marlow (orange pink). I have two more but can't think of their names right now. I have been taking better care of them this year, with Rose Tone and manure. I have most in the vegetable garden where they can be watered more often. The Japanese beetles have eaten or destroyed all the flowers. In the olden days, before this mass of beetles, I would be able to collect a large (30 roses) vase of roses on my anniversary in mid September. I was lucky to be able to bring one or two flowers into the house all season. I planted raspberries. This is the one and only difference. We are working on cutting back, digging up and poisoning the raspberries. Three or four pints of raspberries don't equal the perfume and romance of even a few beautiful roses. I choose roses.

Yesterday I made some terrible food choices at work. And I had to work pretty hard to end the day at 1400. Salvaged but I must practice "mindful eating". I was thirsty and hadn't brought a jar of tea to work. I purchased a bottle of iced tea from the machine and drank half before reading the bottle. It was iced tea. Water. High Fructose Corn Syrup. Tea. 200 calories for the bottle. I poured the remainder out onto the ground. $1.50. The high sugar content made me "hungry" and I ate two items which I really had no need to be eating. They weren't bad things but their calorie count is what tipped me over 1200. And my make do dinner was less than satisfying. The roasted beets were good. I find I enjoy roasted, cold beets. They are very filling. I had lettuce, a sliced tomato and a baby cucumber some Feta and a few olives along with one pita bread. I am brewing tea this afternoon for tomorrow. I will never leave for work without a jar of tea again.

It's cloudy outside right now which brings flies out. There are so many flies at work right now. the weather forecast is for two days of rain. Monday and Tuesday. I will need to think of some "projects" to get involved in at work so I won't get bored. I do want to get the display tables lined up in perfectly straight rows. I was even thinking of bringing G's laser in to make it easier.

I have a large pan of cherry tomatoes to roast for the freezer. Beets to roast for me to eat this week. I should look at the bread book I purchased and see if I have time today to bake a loaf of bread. A nice hearty loaf. I adore bread and I think I could exist eating only bread. And a bit of cheese.

Laundry is started. Darks in now and a big load of whites next. Tractor Supply is open. I wanted to go to Reny's to see what they have on sale. I have 20 plus more pages in my book and a few good ideas on a new author to read after I am done with Harry Hole for the time being. There is one more translation coming in January. That's my day. Time to eat some breakfast.

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Diane N said...

I don't know that raspberries would draw Japanese beetles but I'm no expert.

We are having an overabundance of Japanese beetles here as well including the lovely "grubs" (larval form) that eat the grass roots, turn the lawn brown and make the turf give up the ghost. Everyone around here is having the same trouble. Some neighbors have put up the Japanese beetle traps and the bags are filled with them in an hour or less.

I don't know of any neighbors planting anything different that would draw them. I thought maybe it was some kind of cycle or else the weather, with all its overbearing and unrelenting heat and humidity might be the cause. I mean, don't most bugs love heat and humidity?