Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday- Day Two

I just love this image. I feel like it best describes me. I helped my grandmother "water" her garden when I was just a toddler. We lived in a duplex with my father's parents and I spent a great deal of time with my grammy in the garden. She taught me to love the dirt and the flowers. I just wish I was a fraction of the gardener my grandmother was. And she washed clothes with a wringer washer to the day she died. Starched and ironed a fresh apron every single day. Cooked a wonderful meal and made homemade, stretched over a table, apple strudel. And still had time to sit and watch anything with Barbara Stanwick on television.

Today is day two and I am not hungry. I weighed and measured and had a smaller breakfast, a larger lunch (yogurt and fruit is very high calorie) and a stir fry of garden vegetables for dinner. 1200 calories exactly. My exercise for the day: dumpster diving. Yep, I was digging around in the work dumpster looking for something. I found it--finally. I really needed a shower after work. And I had three interesting repots today. Another Christmas Cactus, a Rabbit's Foot Fern (very old, big), and a fragile succulent. All three repots were closely monitored by the plant's owner. Makes me nervous. They ask "why are you doing that" all the time. I try and educate them.

Speaking of educating, I have my first class of the fall season. Dividing and Relocating Perennials. N and I are working as a team again. I have a list of things we want to cover and will work on the handout. August 28th. 10am. I may or may not get to teach more than this one. Boss hasn't said. He did say the list of classes I gave him was "excellent" but none of them made it into the line up. Diane had some great suggestions which I used. N and I may change things around in order to work some of those "new" ideas into the classes. We are rebels.

Only one problem so far with the diet--same problem as last time. Poop. Or the lack of poop.

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dee said...

Favorite Barbara Stanwick movie-The Lady Eve. Bought myself the DVD but I would like to get one of those DVDs with multiple Stanwick movies on it.

May I suggest Benefiber. No taste even in plain bottled water. Worth every penny.