Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Samantha

Not my best effort but I wanted to have a card for you this morning. I wasn't prepared on the day you were born, either. Your due date was the 17th, so, in my ignorance, I was sure you weren't going to arrive a day earlier. No diapers washed. No baby clothes ready.

You were born on a hot, sultry morning in Georgia to two parents who had no idea what they were getting into. Good thing you were the BEST baby ever. Really. You napped and ate and entertained yourself and slept through the night from the beginning. Incredible. The only hiccup in your perfect baby life was a brother born when you were two. I don't think you ever recovered.

I don't have any special wishes for you this birthday as things in your life right now are making you very happy. Lots of smiles. And that makes your dad and I very happy. The only thing I might do is try again to make a good loaf of chocolate zucchini bread for you this afternoon (and squeeze the water out of the zukes this time).

I know you had a very happy weekend. Have a very happy day today. We love you.

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Diane N said...

Hppy Birthday to Samantha. Many happy returns of the day. You are already a lucky lady. Your mom is still here with you and it's obvious she loves you very much. Hope it's a wonderful birthday for you.