Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Porch

This is another magazine picture of something I dream of having here at my house. I have the porch. Just like in the picture. I don't have railings which is something that could easily be added to the porch. I also have a wooden rocking chair but it isn't white. Easy fix also. The hammock would be a lovely place to rest and read and be eaten by mosquitoes. Oh, yes, the mosquitoes. Because my neighbor won't cut trees so we can have a cross breeze through the yards and move the mosquitoes on their way to "somewhere else". Anywhere else.

G and Riley are just leaving for their walk. Riley is very excited. I am in the process of cleaning the coffeemaker, the hot water pot, doing laundry, watering plants and making the bed up with clean sheets. And my little finger is sans bandaid. It fell off during the night and G says it's better to let it be uncovered. I need to be careful. I think I should be sitting quietly and reading my book. But who will do all my work? Fairies?

Yesterday's lasagna wasn't up to my usual standards but it was still good. I can't figure out why it was different. I used all the same ingredients. Oh. I didn't use Kraft "shaky" cheese. I used real Parm. Mistake. "Chef's" diss shaky cheese in the green can all the time, but damn, it tastes better than the real stuff. IMHO.

I have tons of tomatoes on the counter and need to make something. My choices: tomato soup, Italian tomato/bread soup, or baked tomatoes. All good things. I love the southern baked tomatoes so much. I always get them when we travel through Virginia at Mrs. Rowes. And I always forget to buy the cookbook so I'll have the baked tomatoes recipe. Anyone out there have the cookbook? And I have so many zucchini that I may just make another batch of pickles to use them all up. I hate to waste them.

So that's my day. I may go out to look for a new pair of crocs and a rain jacket. Sam got me that wonderful down vest for the really cold part of the Fall and early winter at work. I am so grateful for that gift from her. And I found another pair of green pants at Goodwill for $2.96. Now I need shoes and the rain jacket or windbreaker to keep me dry. Something really lightweight.


Diane N said...

Regarding all those tomatoes, I vote for the tomato/bread soup or else panzanella.

I agree with you regarding the green can parmesan cheese. It's what I grew up on and I just like it better. Real is good but green can is better (and comforting).

I hope your finger is healing well. Take care.

Terry said...

I ordered the Crocs with the extra arch support from the Crocs site a month or so ago and I LOVE them. They will be my house shoes I think. Especially good for in the kitchen (hard tile floor) and in the studio where I have a stool to sit on, but for some reason I tend to stand at my work table until my back and feet are killing me.