Wednesday, August 04, 2010

So Far, Not So Good

Pincushion Flowers. Scabiosa. I have been deadheading them and I am still getting blooms. so I should do more deadheading around the garden. Instead of just letting everything go to hell.

I was supposed to be having my car inspected right now. But NO! The technician at the Topsham VIP (where I was directed to make an appointment) isn't "qualified" to inspect cars from the very next, on the borderline, county. Sorry, but no inspection. I drove across the bridge, back into MY county, and entered that VIP, where they had no technician or appointments when I called on Monday, and told them what happened. Oh, they said, can you come in tomorrow? Yes. Oh, we have open appointments all day tomorrow. Huh???? So tomorrow I am going to do this all over again and see if I can actually get my car inspected. I'm already thinking it won't go well.

Let's not mention being a bit late this morning and rushing to drop off Riley at day care and then driving very fast across town and that bridge to get to my 9 am appointment. Now, I have two hours to kill before my lunch date in Topsham. Another drive across town and the bridge. And then the dentist. I am testy right now. Because I could have slept another hour and had breakfast and been relaxed and happy right now.

I guess it rained really hard at the house yesterday while I was pumping gas into my car. It wasn't raining where I was. And by the time I got home, it wasn't raining there either. Isn't that the strangest thing? But it's okay as it meant I didn't have to water anything.

Watched White Collar and Covert Affair and they both stink. White Collar had good stories in it's first season and now it's just nothing. An empty bag. The Closer isn't any better. The closing of the case, the interrogation, was the center of the story. Now it's all "personalities" and I don't care all that much about a jerk detective and an orphan or two old detectives looking for hookers. And Brenda is eating, with labels in view, the candy that is advertised in the commercials between scenes. Reese's. No more HoHo's in the desk drawer. the only highlight of any evening is Chelsea Lately. At least I get to smile and even laugh.

My horoscope on Google keeps mentioning all these wants and desires on my part. I would like a sleeveless blouse and a new pair of Crocs but that's about it. I'm pretty much at a point of not wanting anything. Well, I would like more "free" time. But here I am right now with two hours of "free" time and what am I doing? Am I doing any of the things I want to do in my "free" time? No. I'm writing this post and drinking coffee. Because I have on "nice clothes" and I don't want to get messy.

I think I'll leave here early and go see what Goodwill has on the racks. And then go to lunch.

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