Sunday, August 15, 2010

The View From Here

Vincent Van Gogh provides the view. I have completed the third day of the diet only 126 calories over my limit of 1200. I had a second cup of coffee and a few watermelon chunks after work. Not as bad as my usual two handfuls of salty corn chips.

Work was okay. Business isn't good and the employees have plenty of time for naps and conversations. I was having a conversation over by the dumpsters when two ratty looking petunia hanging baskets were being dumped so I now have them hanging from hooks on my porch. Anything in the dumpster is fair to take. From the street they look pretty. That's all that counts in mid August. We tossed five spent sunflower pots (large $35 pots) and kept them behind the greenhouse and the goldfinches are flying in and harvesting seeds out of the dead flowers. Quite charming.

G is finished mowing the lawn, Ninja Warrior is having a marathon, I have shirts to iron, a friend to be deeply worried about and Rubicon and Mad Men to watch this evening. A very busy day. And I need a shower. Tomorrow is our daughter's birthday so I think I need to make a card for tomorrow's post (like her brother got). By the way C, I never mailed it. Oops!.

Two more days of work and then two days off which I will enjoy a great deal. I think it's good to be working five days straight when starting the new diet. Keeps me away from the fridge and chips. I am tempted by the zucchini brownies and will have to get a total of the calories next time I bake some. I have plenty of zukes. And lots of small, rather hard, red tomatoes. I'm not sure if they ever get softer. Customers coming in with blossom end rot. Sad tomatoes.

Okay, here I go on my list of things to do. Stay busy.

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