Friday, August 13, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine

Not real. A picture from a magazine of Peonies I think. I wanted to start with something beautiful today as I fear the remainder of my day will not be pleasant. I am subbing on the Shrub & Tree side of the business today and that is stressful. Last time I did this, they were calling my name on the radio for the entire 6 hours. I will be doing some Zen breathing during any lulls.

Not the best of days to embark on the DIET again but I have to. My weight has gotten out of hand and I feel like any day now I will be in plus sizes again. And all that hard work will be lost. I have to try and salvage what I fought so hard for in 2007. I have my scale dusted off and the measuring cups on the counter. I am ready to do battle. My breakfast was a bit of a challenge but we'll work it out over the next few days. I have yogurt or salad for lunch and plan on making vegetable soup for supper. And I have lots of busy work to occupy myself rather than just watching television. I walked Riley last night for 30 minutes and he seemed pleased.

I may not be my charming self on posts but usually the lack of food brings out the sarcastic wit you all enjoy, so, there may be some good times in the weeks and months ahead. Yes, Months. Until the end of the year at least. Hang on, it will be a bumpy ride.

I have laundry to check on, a shower to take, clothes to put on and a lunch to make before work. An hour to get it all done. Whoosh.


Quilterin said...

OK, if you can do it, I will too! Years ago I managed to loose 21 kg, 14 of which I have regained. I have two pairs of trousers, one dress and one skirt which still kind off fit (which makes a 5 day week in the office complicated). I will clean out my fridge and start with an eating plan again.

dee said...

I'm with you in spirit and deed. Roger is in the hospital with pancreatitis and related issues all stemming from his weight. I have lost 11 lbs in 10 days and have many more to go. These challenging, fearful trips to the ICU are causing me not to eat & I fall into bed exhausted. He's not allowed solid food & when I get him out of there the diet is just the ticket. Low fats, low carbs, it's food police time for me. Pray that I can get him out in time for the wedding.
I hope your day goes better than you think it will. I was Zen breathing in the chapel today. It helps.