Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Cherry Tomato Pasta

Finally enough little tomatoes to make pasta sauce. Well, I could have used more but I wanted it tonight. And it was very good. Just an onion chopped and sauteed in oil with a whole garlic clove (so I could remove it), salt, pepper and a shake of red pepper flakes. When the onions are soft and golden, I add the tomatoes (cut in half). This cooks down while the pasta is cooking. I added some pasta water to loosen up the sauce a bit. Tomatoes have quite a bit of pectin. I no longer drain pasta and just lift it from the cooking water with tongs and drop into the pan with the pasta sauce. I do this with any pasta sauce I make. I turn and lift and mix (off heat) until it looks good and add a bit of pasta cooking water if it seems too thick. Serve with cheese.

And then I took a shower and a Benadryl. I got into something at work and then into some mosquitos after work while checking the garden for tomatoes and zucchini. Now I am going to have a cup of coffee and watch White Collar.

I pumped gas into my car today. This may be the second time this year. A record achievement. I usually tell G that I need gas and he takes the dog for a ride to the gas station. I'm doing a bunch of car stuff this week. Registration. Inspection. Gas. Yikes. I feel like a grown up.

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