Saturday, August 07, 2010

Eight Hundred Seventy One

Only 129 more posts to go. That's like every day for the remainder of the year? No picture because it's late (dark) and there's not one single interesting thing to take a picture of right now. We just returned from a trip into town to get ice cream cones. I got chocolate rather than my usual strawberry. And I didn't drip any onto my clothing. Woo Hoo!!

We had sweet corn for dinner after looking for the dog's walking collar for nearly an hour. G finally found it under the rear passenger seat of my car. ???? Our daughter needed the collar when she took Riley for his afternoon walk. She called me at work (lunchtime) to discuss it's disappearance.

Work was great today. It was cool outside and I wore cropped pants instead of shorts and didn't sweat even once, all day. I had some great customers today: someone who wanted Montauk Daisies which I had, someone who wanted mint for Mohitos, a woman with a Bonsai that had dropped all it's leaves (overhead fan blowing on it) who asked if "we" could shape it so it looked bonsai-ish (Oh. My. Gosh. Yes!!!) when the leaves grew back, and last but not least a 55 year old Christmas cactus belonging to two sisters (it was their grandfather's) which I am going to dismember and repot on Monday. All this and still had time to read a gardening book and learn things. I always want to gain more knowledge for the questions people ask.

If your local greenhouse was having free classes this Fall what topics would interest you? Herbs, Forcing Indoor Bulbs, Repotting Houseplants (bring one in to work on in class), building a cold frame for the garden ....... any ideas out there? We always do Pumpkin Carving and Dividing Perennials.

My garden is in desperate need of watering. Tomorrow. And I have laundry to do and zucchini brownies to make (so very good) and, well, other stuff I can't think of right now. Oh, take a few good pictures for the posts. It's always good to have a few saved up. Another cool night for sleeping.

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Diane N said...

If a nursery around here were to offer free classes, I would be interested in some of the ones you mentioned - herbs, particularly their history, how best to use them and interesting ways to plant them; building a cold frame; but one of the things I would like to know more about is natural pest control on garden vegetables. I don't know if that would be of high interest but I do not use pesticides and am always looking for something "natural" to eliminate or pare down the bugs. It's very aggravating to watch the bugs decimate the garden after all the money, time and effort one has put into it.

Another one would be how to get things to bloom again after they've been forced - like amaryllis, etc... I never have good luck with that. I get lots of leaves but no flowers. Maybe it's hard to do, I don't know.

And if you haven't used up all your zucchini, the August issue of Bon Appetit has recipes for "tender zucchini fritters with green goddess dressing," shaved zucchini salad with pine nuts," "halibut with zucchini salsa verde," and "zucchini pecan cake with cream cheese frosting." I've only just gotten round to reading it but they sounded really tasty.

Hoping you have a good day.