Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Mother Nature is being good to me this year. We have tomatoes. And that would be enough but this year Mother Nature has given us two serendipitous rain events following lawn service treatments. We are supposed to water the treatments in. We never do. This year it has rained on the evening of the treatments doing our work for us. Making our lawn fuller, greener and healthier. G and I are members of the "Green From The Street" club when it comes to lawns. If it looks good to people passing by, it's good enough. Because we certainly don't do enough to make it look good while staring straight down at it.

And the rain last night means I don't have to water the garden today. That's one chore I can cross off today's list. I am going to get my haircut this morning, stop at the bank, the health food store, the deli for a breakfast sandwich and the eyeglass store for an adjustment to my glasses. I am wearing comfortable shoes. And lavender linen pants.

G will be having Chicken Marsala this evening and I will be having something else. Probably with the roasted eggplant I made on Sunday. I could get some Indian takeout.

G purchased a lovely center row seat for the local Music Theater performance of Spamalot later this month. He wanted to see it and I didn't. He likes to listen to the Broadway CD. I can't understand a word they say or sing. We have separate ideas on entertainment. Lucky for all, our daughter likes the same action movies her dad does. So they go to see them together. I think our son might enjoy some of the things I enjoy but he isn't here so I don't know for sure. And he's too polite to say no. I think he may be the most polite of the four of us.

Another birthday on Monday. Our daughter. And she will want a chocolate Kahlua cake. I don't mind making it because I love eating it. We're wondering if the new boyfriend remembers and does anything for her on the birthday. We're all sort of nervous. G is taking her to the movies on Sunday (with popcorn) and with Dairy Queen after. Her friends are taking her out for drinks and dancing. A very good birthday.

Time for me to set out on my morning's work. I am ever so happy to NOT be working today. The mums are arriving (they were supposed to arrive yesterday) and I made several large orders for the perennial yard and herb tables. Today is going to be another hot and humid day and a miserable working experience. I will be cool as a cucumber here at home.

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