Wednesday, August 25, 2010


The weather report on Google says the chance of rain is 100% but we are only getting drizzle. I want RAIN. Pouring down rain. Everything outside is dry and the grass is getting that crispy brown look. At work, I have returned to the scene of the "finger slashing" and completed my task of cutting back the daylilies. They all now have cute crew cuts.

Two large screen and two by four tables have been removed from the greenhouse to make room for the "classroom". Two folding tables and a bunch of folding chairs. At the "flagship" store, they put down sod and little patio stones and build little gazebos. We have two tables. And I need to dig iris clumps, bearded iris clumps and a lily of the valley clump for class on Saturday. Dividing Perennials is going to be "hands on". N & I haven't found a good clump of hosta to divide. I should sharpen our potting table knife.

Yesterday I tried to see just how much food I could eat in one day. Along with drinking water, which just seemed to fuel the eating frenzy. I even chewed gum. A giant bowl of cereal, then soup and saltines (216 calories worth or 18 crackers), then half a slice of the chocolate zucchini bread I brought to work for the crew, gum, then sliced tomatoes (oh, so, good) and fresh mozzarella (with basil), a freshly defrosted and baked baguette (260 c) followed by three ears of super sweet corn lightly buttered. I felt like an overstuffed toy. It wasn't as if I filled up on a 1200 calorie cheeseburger plus french fries and a beer followed by a large ice cream cone, which I have done in the past. This was all good food. Mostly vegetable based except for the cereal, bread and crackers. But aren't those considered whole grains? Well, not the crackers. I need to buy the whole grain crackers. The almost fat free, whole grain crackers. The ones that taste like compressed cardboard.

Today I am drinking coffee. G has been slacking on the making of fresh coffee and I usually only get a cup per day. Today I have a full pot and it's all mine. If it would only start raining I could finish my Nesbo book and take it back to the library. The Girl Who Played with Fire movie is at the local rinky dink theater and I had wanted to go see it this afternoon.

I also plan to turn a whole pile of garden tomatoes into a pot of fresh Tomato Basil Soup for G and make those little cheese dumplings he likes, to go in it. All I need is heavy cream to drizzle over the top. A quick trip to the grocery after the movie.

I have to return to work tomorrow and I am not all that excited by this fact. Once the classes start, I'll be okay, as I enjoy teaching and the classes take up a lot of time. BUT, we serve cookies during the class day and I have to NOT EAT COOKIES!!!! It's much worse on the "special" days where we serve donuts and potato chips. It's evident that men are planning the menu isn't it?

I wonder if there is anything I can do to help make it rain? Besides begging.

Guess What? It's raining. Started slowly but it's picking up speed right now ( almost 2 pm) and everything outside looks good and wet. It will need to rain for the rest of the day to replenish the dry ground. I am happy. Riley is sad and depressed. He doesn't care for rain. I have done some laundry and finished my book. Harry feels he has sold his soul to the devil. Oh, dear. I have to wait a while to see what happens in the next book. No movie today.


Diane N said...

I envy you your rain. We have none and everything is turning brown and that hideous drought stricken yellow. Grass crunches beneath my feet.

Tell me more about these little cheese dumplings, please... They sound good.

dee said...

we finally got two days of rain and one of just damp gloom. Cheese dumplings please?

R is home and I am Nurse Nancy. No problem with over eating-I have lost my desire for food and my house looks like one of those awful TV programs with people who live in a chaotic dump. Turns out I do have an organizing gene in here somewhere and it's dcraming to get out. One week to wedding-I can hardly hold my head up. Is it rude to snore during the ceremony?

dee said...

that was supposed to be screaming to get am I