Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Roasted Cherry Tomatoes

I managed to get all the cherry tomatoes washed and roasted before work. They were starting to get mushy and over ripe waiting for me. Good thing I did. Later in the day, at work, I was trimming daylilies by holding all the leaves like a ponytail and then cutting across the bottom, under my hand. Well, on the final cut of the afternoon (due to the following), I managed to clip my little finger and cut a nice sized gap in the pad at the tip. I quickly got a clean paper towel on it and headed for the cash registers where I could find help and the first aid kit.

A coworker was gamely assisting when a customer, in line, said " I do first aid" and he took over. I think he stepped up when I asked if the cut needed stitches. An EMT. So my finger was neatly cleaned, wrapped in gauze and taped. By then I was in a swirl of adrenaline. If you have never experienced this, it is the worst roller coaster ride going on inside your brain that you could imagine. I ended up on the floor in the lunchroom/public bathroom. Dirty but I just needed to be flat on the floor. After resting for about 30 minutes to an hour, I resumed work and did a bunch of repots (one handed) and answered questions. Turned out to be a good day as the temperatures went down as the day ended. It had been over 100 degrees in the greenhouse and hot and sunny in the yard. Nasty.

G felt so sad about my finger (the bandage is impressive and we had to bag it so I could shower off the dirt of the lunchroom/public restroom floor) that he took me out for a very good dinner. We were both starving. G began a conversation he had had with supervisor him asking if G could keep a secret. So G starts retelling the conversation and I interrupt and say "Joanne can't keep a secret" and he has to not tell me. For awhile. But then he told me anyway. It has to do with work so I think the secret is safe. I'm not sure I am happy with the direction the "politics" are taking. I like things to remain simple. The more complicated, the more likely G will end up unhappy. That's just the way it works.

My job is pretty simple. Yesterday I saw just how cut (excuse the reference to my finger) and dried it was. I had a plant from my garden and didn't know if it was a flower or a weed. I brought it in and realized that no one there could help me identify it. The only "expert" was me. Until Saturday, when I can ask N. I guess I have job security, huh?

I am making lasagna today and Sam is coming over to have her hair colored. So I will make garlic bread, also. She and G can eat it all. I have a trip to the bank set up and since that's close to the grocery I will stop and get some groceries. That's all for today. I have the white wash going. Then I will wash the dog towels. And wait for G to get home before doing the dark load. I decided to walk the dog on the mornings I go to work at 12. And on my days off. To help with the "diet". It is going better than usual at day 6. I'm not hungry, exactly, but I feel deprived. And a bit looney. I picked a salted almond off the lunchroom floor (yes, dirty floor) and almost considered eating it. I also considered the potato chip under my chair. I didn't eat either, but that's where my focus is--salty, crispy.

I have eaten some items which put me over 1200 but I did not eat as much as I would normally have eaten and I made better choices. This is a step in the correct direction. I need to make careful and thoughtful choices. I don't expect to be loosing all the weight in a few weeks. I expect to be relearning a better way to eat all the time. Choosing a big salad and then tucking it into pita bread. Better than a meatball sub and french fries. Water instead of beer or a mixed drink when we eat out. Small choices that make a big difference over time. And walking the dog. Which Riley thinks we should be doing RIGHT NOW.

I hope to have time to read. I found copies of the television programs I missed due to the power problem (a pole fire) and have TiVo set to record them. All is well in my tiny little world now.

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gema said...

I'd suggest you make homemade popcorn. It satisfies the salty/crisp desire. I make mine in the old fashioned hot air popcorn maker. No microwave popcorn for me, tastes too artificial.
Some salt, sometimes herbed salt if I feel like it, swirl on some olive oil and enjoy.

BTW, I thoroughly enjoy reading your